Postcards from the class & culture wars (5.28.18)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (5.28.18) May 28, 2018

The cult of ‘civility’ is the real ‘political correctness,’ the stifling consensus that prevents us from telling the truth about the people in charge.”

I coronate you to regal power as a warrior.”

“The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.”

“ICE as it presently exists is an agency devoted almost solely to cruelly and wantonly breaking up families.”

There are thousands of kids like her in Mexico — U.S. citizen children of undocumented parents who have been deported, who are struggling to adapt to a country they don’t quite know, a language they don’t quite speak and people who often regard them as oddities.”

It’s about your neighbors and who you go to church with.”

Hegseth engaged in two extramarital affairs with co-workers during two marriages and paid his brother — who had no professional experience — $108,000 to work for him while chief executive of a non-profit.”

“Michigan Republicans are pushing a new, Donald Trump-inspired bill that would require Medicaid recipients in the state’s mostly black cities to work to keep their health benefits, but exempt some of the state’s rural white residents from the same requirement.”

Participants were paid $60 to show up, clap for anti-renewable energy comments, and wear T-shirts in support of a new power plant.”

“Also, see that thing about the name of the damn state.”

No, not that one. This is a story about a different young Sheldon and the whimpering out of Lou Sheldon’s ugly Traditional Values Coalition.

It’s the same eight guys versus Gloria Allred.”

The Dugway sheep incident of March 1968

“Study after study has found that the biggest reason Americans pay more per person for care than the residents of any other advanced country is simply that the same pill or treatment costs dramatically more in the United States.”

Employer labor market power thus reduces employment, raises prices, and depresses the economy.”

“An officer has been caught in an act of sexual misconduct every five days over the past decade — and in more than 70 percent of cases, officers targeted ‘motorists, crime victims, informants, students and young people in job-shadowing programs.'”

“At the highest level, the people that rule the planet worship Lucifer. … These people perform human sacrifices and drink blood.”

“The board voted him into paid retirement, complete with an on-campus home where he and his wife can live as theologians-in-residence.”

Knowing this history is key to detecting the bad faith of what McRae describes as ‘color-blind conservatism … that disguised policies supporting racial inequality behind the language of property rights, law and order, good motherhood, and constitutional intent.'”

“But to a very real extent, you have grown up in a different country than I have.”

It’s the loneliest country in the world because everybody is saying to his neighbor what he thinks his neighbor wants him to say.”

"Sometimes it's a fence to keep stuff in as well as out. (Think back-yard fences.)"

Chesterton’s Fence and Frost’s Wall
"She's not formally running as Third Party, yet. Give him time."

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Chesterton’s Fence and Frost’s Wall

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