Postcards from the class & culture wars (3.30.21)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (3.30.21) March 30, 2021

“Lola Bunny … has been rendered as a normal cartoon character, rather than the strange manifestation of subliminal interspecies horniness that she previously embodied.”

“The kind of young-earth creationism embraced by today’s young-earthers is a space-age novelty. It is newer than Sputnik and M&Ms.”

“All of us should at least be able to agree that white nationalism and white supremacy should have no place in our immigration policy, and as long as the Tanton network is at the table, that’s exactly what they’re bringing.”

“Now, Lindell’s fraud campaign is fizzling and his endgame is getting harder to decipher.”

“Gosar, who sat through Fuentes’ speech emphasizing the importance of preserving a white ‘demographic core,’ praising the Jan. 6 insurrection as ‘awesome,’ and mocking Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s disability, met with Fuentes the next day.”

“It’s people who say, ‘I do my own research; I don’t trust the elites.’ And their research is nonsense, it is sophisticated nonsense.”

“Not even two weeks after the historical commission voted to remove the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state capitol, [Republican] state senators are trying to vote to remove all members from the commission.”

“I was abducted by the state of Ohio when I was 17 years old.”

“The brewing scandal suggests that, months after the Capitol riots exposed current and former cops as violent extremists, plenty of officers remain associated with some of the same right-wing groups that stormed the Capitol.”

Christian sex addiction rhetoric alongside the anti-pornography and anti-trafficking movement offers a disturbing script for this violence.”

In addition to making it harder to vote, the new law allows the GOP-controlled legislature to appoint a majority of members of the state election board and gives the board the power to take over county election boards, making it easier for Republicans to challenge election results, take over election administration in large Democratic counties, and even decline to certify the results if Democrats win close races — which Trump tried and failed to get the state to do in 2020.”

“When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a hastily passed voter suppression law that many are calling the new, new Jim Crow … surrounded by a half-dozen white men, he did so in front of a painting of a plantation where more than 100 Black people had been enslaved.”

John Roberts has been a staunch opponent of voting rights his entire professional career, and we’re living in the ugly world he has long envisioned.”

“Weiser insisted he’s ‘never advocated for violence,’ after he just publicly advocated for violence.”

“It also means that to fully comprehend either white supremacy or misogyny, we have to attempt to understand both.”

“Eric Metaxas just keeps finding the edge of the fringe and jumping off.”

When God closes a door, he opens a window … to suckers’ wallets.”

“Six people involved with the libertarian Free Keene group are facing charges — including wire fraud and money laundering — related to an unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange.”

“After all, who could resist getting health advice from the likes of Steve Bannon?


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