A teeth, taxes, Toyota trifecta

A teeth, taxes, Toyota trifecta May 17, 2021

Chewing on the other side is no longer a viable option. That, along with a few other deferred expenses now coming due makes this a necessary time for me to post my first fundraiser of 2021.

Here, again, is the link for donations: paypal.com/paypalme/slacktivistfred.

(Paypal still calls me by my formal first name, “George.” I suppose that’s appropriate in this case, since my creditors all call me “George” too.)

We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports this site through Patreon and to the many others whose donations keep it going. If anyone is able and inclined to make a donation at this time, that would be quite timely.

And if all you’re able to send is your best wishes, we appreciate those too, and we’re just as grateful for your readership.

Thank you in advance for whatever support you can provide.

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