Postcards from the class & culture wars (10.27.21)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (10.27.21) October 27, 2021

In 1976, he predicted the world would end in 1982. And in his 1990 book, The New Millennium, he said the world would be destroyed on April 29, 2007.”

“He already has a private jet. In fact, he has three. He stores them at an airport called Kenneth Copeland Airport, right next to his million-dollar mansion in Texas.”

“The Legionaries of Christ, a once powerful Catholic religious order that fell into disgrace in 2010 after sexual abuse scandals involving its founder, allegedly hid $295 million through the use of complex financial mechanisms such as trusts and offshore accounts.”

“As Table 1 demonstrates, estimates from academic researchers suggest that more than $160 billion lost annually is from taxes that top 1 percent choose not to pay.”

“It’s also an example of, when you state a core right wing political belief in straightforward terms, it sounds like some sort of parody.”

“For $35.95, parents who want to discipline their kids ‘God’s way’ can buy a handmade paddle, complete with Bible verse and free Prime shipping from Amazon.”

“It was bad when the religious right did it, it was bad when the Tea Partiers did it, and it’s going to be even worse now because these motherfuckers are crazier than all of them.”

I am a prophetic dreamer. That means I see things in my dreams before they happen. God speaks to me through my dreams and shows me things.”

“The Ground Zero Mosque was the story we really didn’t need in 2010, but a decade later, it provides essential context for where we are today, not just for what it said about where the Right was headed, but for what it said about other people and institutions, too.”

“If the United States is too racist to take care of the people who help us prosecute our wars, perhaps we shouldn’t start them in the first place.”

“I will not be associated with the United States’ inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs in control of daily life.”

“Nearly a dozen states have enacted laws this year that pave the way for election subversion, and additional proposals are gaining momentum in other states, according to a new tally by a nonpartisan group that tracks election-related bills.”

“Thus, for patients with a predictable 28-day cycle, there is only about one week before the ‘six-week’ threshold to confirm pregnancy.”

There is more than one religious view on abortion.”

If he loses his job over this, people will be safer. End of story.”

“In a pair of Cape Town warehouses converted into a maze of airlocked sterile rooms, young scientists are assembling and calibrating the equipment needed to reverse engineer a coronavirus vaccine that has yet to reach South Africa and most of the world’s poorest people.”

“Instead, as Biden made the vaccination campaign a central focus, Fox News hosts decided that their network’s self-declared role as Biden’s ‘opposition’ did not have a carveout for his effort to vaccinate the public and halt the deadly pandemic.”

Tim Scott came up with the original plan to defund the police.”

“I felt like I’d just been stabbed by someone I once admired and now he was demanding that I stop bleeding.”

“The attack on mainstream media goes beyond telling the people what they want to hear. It is part and parcel of fashioning the group and its adherents as an elect, a parallel elite of sorts, who bravely face the truth and take matters into their own hands while most either cower in the corner or watch the action from afar.”

Are they getting people elected? Which is one of our main goals.”

“An email sent to her office over the summer read: ‘I’m really jonzing to see your purple face after you’ve been hanged.'”

“If Plan A is to make nice with authoritarian ethno-nationalists who are openly planning to get rid of democracy any time they lose any elections going forward, you might just need a different plan.”


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