Postcards from the class & culture wars (12.5.21)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (12.5.21) December 5, 2021

I think we should throw those books in a fire.”

“The Alliance Defending Freedom, for example, sponsored a bill in Belize that would criminalize consensual sex between LGBTQ people up to 10 years in prison.”

“Two prominent evangelical seminaries are challenging the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate in federal court. … The schools are represented by attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom.”

“The founder and a member of Project Veritas, along with anti-vaccine ‘whistleblowers’ touted by the group, spoke at a conference for supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, where they lauded attendees and asked for their help.”

“Three University of Florida professors have been barred from assisting plaintiffs in a lawsuit to overturn the state’s new law restricting voting rights.”

“Eh, bien, I ask those who have troubled consciences whether it would not have been better to save the mother at that moment rather than condemn both of them to death?”

“To deny the effective ability of the federal government to regulate emissions based on a transparently unworkable doctrine that has been applied for all of five months 86 years ago would be absolutely insane, and is also easily the most likely outcome.”

“‘Quits’ is a Janus-faced economic data point — a sign of both how bad our work politic has gotten, and also hope that somewhere it could be better. It signals that people are fed up. But also that they have the confidence in finding new work, often that is better paid.”

“The real problem isn’t just polarization and political disagreements, it’s that one of the major parties has wholeheartedly embraced hatred and racial grievance.”

“Republican Villager arrested after allegedly casting more than one election ballot.”

And he thought about them and he thought about them, and do you know where these rimjobs were? At Princeton!”

“The Supreme Court’s gutting of the landmark voting rights law in 2013—and the lack of congressional action to fix it—means that the current redistricting cycle is the first in more than 50 years where states with a long history of discrimination do not have to approve their voting maps with the federal government.”

“Back at the station, Robertson read Gray’s arrest report and, over the objections of another officer, he handed back the gun.”

“The sexual assault in Loudoun County is a deeply tragic story of interpersonal violence that is being unfairly wielded as a cudgel against trans equality — despite it having no relationship to or national implications regarding trans inclusion.”

The vampire has, for centuries, been warning us that the Church has a problem with desire.”

Between the church leader whom society praises and the prostitute whom it reviles, in this instance the reviled prostitute would show the greater integrity.”

“I see that decision now as a step toward discovering a more whole Christ, a more loving faith, and a religion that calls its followers to listen to women and their whole stories.”

“And it’s the reason we now use the word ‘vaccine’ — it comes from the Latin word for cow.”


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