Jan. 13 Flashback: Telling people to stay away from church

Jan. 13 Flashback: Telling people to stay away from church January 13, 2022

And in the 20th year of the blog, the Slacktivist looked upon all that he had posted, and saw that some of it was, you know, pretty OK.

This is from January 13, 2012, “Hanging an ‘unwelcome’ sign on the church“:

It’s hurtful, foolish and wrong to tell “your daughters and sons and neighbors, sometimes your parents, your co-workers, friends, colleagues” that they are unwelcome because of their sexuality. And it’s foolish not to realize that these people also have friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors and colleagues who know them and love them, and that you have also just declared all of those people unwelcome too because they are not going to want to belong to a group that doesn’t allow others they know and love to belong as well.

Of all the people who listed their names endorsing that open letter, I feel sorriest for Samuel Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a year younger than me and thus he may still be around 25 years from now when most of his fellow signatories will be, like the ugly reasoning of their open letter, long dead and buried, thereby escaping the enduring shame that Rodriguez will have to live with.

Read the whole thing here.

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