Lenten Reading: A couple of thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount

Lenten Reading: A couple of thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount March 7, 2013

A couple of thoughts have popped into my mind the last few days as I read and reflected on the SOTM…

First, John’s decision to give up his iPhone reminded me of a similar choice by my friend Ragan Sutterfield:

In Praise of Single Function Devices

Ragan writes here:
I’ve been wearing a watch recently.  It’s nice—it tells me the time.  I’ve also been carrying a pocket calendar.  It has dates with space to put in appointments and a few blank pages for notes.  I also have a phone I’ve been using.  It has internet access if I absolutely need it, but a painful pared down version—it is not “smart.”  I text now only for critical messages, my phone’s non-QWERT keyboard is too cumbersome.

Shortly before Christmas my iPhone broke, so I pulled an old phone from my drawer that somehow resurrected, and I have been using it ever since.  Since my iPhone was my phone and calendar I’ve had to fill those functions with other things and somehow in the process I rediscovered the joys of single function devices.
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Secondly, Scot McKnight has a wonderful new reflection on how we read the Sermon on the Mount…

Jesus’ Major Sermon

He concludes:
There is something fundamental to the Sermon in the form Jesus gave it:  powerful kingdom demands for kingdom people. The demand is Jesus’ evangelistic confrontation with his audience to decide whether they want to come to him and follow him or not.

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