A New Blend on the Block: Conspirituality

A New Blend on the Block: Conspirituality July 21, 2023

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Welcome to the intriguing cosmos of ‘conspirituality’, a curious concoction of conservative Christianity and the outlandish world of conspiracy theories. Picture this absurdity: devout believers, caps adorned with MAGA emblems, nodding fervently to the latest QAnon revelation… being preached on Sunday from a pulpit.


Conspirituality in Numbers: Unsettling Statistics

According to the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), about a quarter of white evangelical Protestants in America have bought into the QAnon conspiracy theory. This theory spins a yarn about a cabal of satanic pedophiles in government and entertainment sectors, undermining Trump because he was supposedly poised to expose their child-trafficking operation. A narrative about as credible as an email from a Nigerian prince promising untold riches, yet surprisingly, it has bewitched tens of millions of Americans, a substantial portion being conservative Christians.

Researchers at Baylor University have further stirred the pot. They’ve revealed that biblical literalists, individuals who label themselves as “very religious,” and those who religiously clock into church services, are more likely to swallow conspiracy theories hook, line, and sinker. They aren’t just chugging the QAnon narrative like it’s the last drink at a desert oasis but also endorses the idea that the 2020 election was rigged and that COVID-19 vaccines are as safe as a rattlesnake in a sleeping bag.

Conspirituality: Symptom of a Larger Illness

The conspirituality phenomenon isn’t a random fluke. It’s symptomatic of a larger societal trend towards skepticism and disillusionment, a knee-jerk reaction to a world that seems as predictable as a game of Russian roulette. Conspiracy theories, with all their tantalizing absurdity, offer an illusion of stability and certainty, a kind of comfort food for the paranoid. Yet this food is riddled with falsehoods and misinformation, making it a risky meal choice.

As exhilarating as they may be, conspiracy theories lead to all sorts of unpleasant consequences. These range from dismissing irksome things like science and medicine to the unchecked spread of misinformation, and the erosion of trust in institutions. They can breed division and conflict and, in some cases, can even escalate to real-world violence. Talk about a disaster movie script come to life.

Conspirituality: A Desperate Cry for Critical Thinking

The rising tide of conspirituality within conservative Christianity is less of a punchline and more of a sobering reflection of a society struggling to navigate a rapidly changing world. It’s a call-to-arms for us to polish our critical thinking shields, to scrutinize our sources of information, and to strive towards a discourse that’s both enlightened and fact-based.

Let’s remember the man at the heart of Christianity – Jesus. His teachings centered on engaging with reality, caring for the sick and the poor, and seeking truth and justice. He didn’t endorse wild goose chases after outrageous conspiracy theories or sowing seeds of fear and division.

The Conspirituality Cocktail: A Mix Best Served Skeptically

So raise a metaphorical glass to conspirituality, the latest ‘flavor of the month’ in conservative Christianity. It’s a heady cocktail of faith, fear, and fantastical fiction. This concoction is best enjoyed with a hefty pinch of skepticism, a splash of critical thinking, and a steadfast dedication to Jesus’s teachings. Or, perhaps better yet, we can choose not to partake in this cocktail party at all.


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