Vance Morgan on Freelance Christianity and Some Big Questions

Vance Morgan on Freelance Christianity and Some Big Questions December 22, 2020

Episode 6 is here!

This episode features a conversation with Vance Morgan, a fellow Patheos Progressive Christian neighbor.

Vance is a Professor of Philosophy at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, where he has taught for the past twenty-seven years. He is an award-winning teacher and the author of five books, most recently Freelance Christianity: Philosophy, Faith, and the Real World (Cascade Books, 2017) and Prayer for People Who Don’t Believe in God (Wood Lake Press, 2019).

In this podcast, Vance and I discuss his writing and what it means to be a Freelance Christian… We talked about the “philosopher’s gene” that we both share, the importance of non-conformity, and how our perspectives have definitely ruffled feathers, but religiously and politically.

We dove into some of the big questions like whether or not the idea of God is even reasonable and how a philosophically inclined Christian moves from the idea of the God of the philosophers to the Triune God of Christianity. We also talked about how a philosophically inclined Christian may interpret the Bible and went into some deep topics like Old Testament ethics, hell, consciousness, and the soul.

Vance is very intelligent, but also very personal and served up some complex topics in a very warm and accessible way. I’m confident you’ll be impressed by his epistemological humility and depth, just as I was.

So please, enjoy the conversation between yours truly and Vance Morgan…

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