A Christian. An Atheist. Two Friends. On God and Government (Round 7)


Adam-Thanks so much for your reply.My response is also lengthy as you brought up some fantastic points for discussion. As usual, your points were thought-provoking and exude a sense of skepticism that I feel is well deserved considering the matter at hand. Though I obviously don't share your view on Jesus' non-existence, I've certainly considered it.Actually, your theory on Jesus reminds me of one of my favorite books, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. The basic idea touches upon … [Read more...]

Origins, The Interpretation of Genesis, and the Young Earth US

In the beginning

It's a highly polarizing subject.Origins and the interpretation of Genesis.Let's start with the public at large. According to a recent 2014 Gallup Poll:42% of Americans believe humans were created in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. 31% believe humans evolved but God had a part in the process. 19% believe humans evolved and God had no part in the process.This poll is loaded and conflates a number of issues - belief in God, interpretation of Scripture, etc. … [Read more...]

Now that’s funny…


It's been a while since my last post. I blame the summer, vacation, and relocation. I'll be back in full swing shortly.On the lighter side, here's a hilarious prank video from a fish market in the UK. I definitely had to add it to my collection.Image credit: Wikimedia Commons … [Read more...]

A Modern Psalm… (I am Legend)

i am legend

A modern Psalm revealed in one of my favorites scenes: The quietness of God, the problem of evil and suffering. It's a timeless theme. We believe in a benevolent, all-knowing, all-powerful God, yet life often throws us harsh, cold, and cruel circumstances. Enter the free will response - God allows evil to allow free will. For good could not be good and love could not be love, if forced. But on the quietness of God, the supposed needless suffering of so many - the "greater good" … [Read more...]

A Christian. An Atheist. Two Friends. On God and Government (Round 6)


Adam,Thanks for your reply.I truly enjoyed our NY debate! Thank you again for your hospitality. As I mentioned in my recap, I was so enthused by the turnout and the spirit of the discussion (not just ours, but from the audience as well). I would love to keep our live debate series going as I see them more as forums – philosophical think-tanks with a group of friends who are interested in tackling the big questions.On morality, I agree we could certainly go on forever on this subject. … [Read more...]

Book Review: Problems of Philosophy (Bertrand Russell)


A philosophical giant.Russell's whit is undeniable. With a unique ability to tackle complex and timeless issues in philosophy and present them in such a palatable way - it is easy to see why he's become a monster in the subject.A review of Berkeley's idealism (there is no matter only mind) and Descartes' doubt (how do we know what we perceive as reality is not just our being deceived by an evil demon?) is presented early and prompts question into metaphysics and the reliability of the … [Read more...]