A Christian vs. An Atheist: Two Friends On God and Government, Round 15


Adam:Thanks for your reply. I agree that the "typical small government vs. big government" catch phrase is a gross over-generalization and distracts from some deeper matters at hand. "Liberals and conservatives alike, we all cheer for government when it does things we agree with and denounce it as tyrannical when it does things we disagree with…" Don't forget independents! Speaking from experience, I've found that I can equally irritate liberals and conservatives. I believe the actual d … [Read more...]

A Christian vs. an Atheist: On God and Government, Round 14


Bud- Indianapolis was truly our pleasure! Thanks for making the trip out. I agree, I think we were not at all what people were expecting, which is a good thing, given the tone of how typical "debates" go. Let's keep them going!Abortion is a tough one. As I said earlier, I find the legal and moral arguments are frequently conflated in the discussion. We agree on mid to late term abortion being immoral, but for me, I cannot see a moral line of division in early pregnancy. True, I see late … [Read more...]

Augustine on Concealed Revelation


Concealed revelation - its's about the nature of God as comprehended by the limits of our rationality - God is the most obvious, yet most beyond our understanding. Aquinas called it ipsum esse subsistens - subsisting Being itself. Where all other living things are a combination of essence and existence , for God there is no distinction, His existence is His essence. God is pure Act (all activity with no potential), immanent in all things, yet infinitely transcending our understanding - perhaps … [Read more...]

Indy Debate Recaps

adam andrew

It was more like a vacation among friends - Adam and his wife Elizabeth stayed with my family and I amongst our debates last week. We truly enjoyed their company, hanging out, the post-debate parties over some wine and snacks, and talking honestly about philosophy, theology, and politics.The tour was kicked off on Wednesday, July 1st when I picked up Adam and Elizabeth at the airport. We had to head right to Theology on Tap at the Tow Yard Brewing Company. It was a fantastic turnout and … [Read more...]

Theology on Tap and Faith vs. Doubt

faith doubt

"Theology on Tap". It has a nice ring to it. I'm still not sold on the title, "Faith vs. Doubt" as I feel that term encapsulates the sentiments of any believer. All of the faithful, at one point or another, face doubt. With that, "versus" sets the stage for the typical debate, of which Adam and mine are nothing like! I consider "my opponent" as a friend, one that I disagree with on many things, but a friend first and foremost. True, we definitely get down philosophically and challenge each … [Read more...]

Aristotle on the Nature of the First Mover


It's unsurprising that Aquinas drew from Aristotle to synthesize natural theology with Christianity (Aquinas frequently labeled Aristotle "The Philosopher"). Looking at Aquinas' Five Ways, you see signs of Aristotle through and through. Many are familiar with Aristotle's First Mover Argument from his classic Metaphysics, but looking a little deeper reveals not only the foundation of the Five Ways, but poetic insight as to the nature of this First Mover: "That a final cause may exist among … [Read more...]