Obedience Equals Happiness

Obedience Equals Happiness December 28, 2018

In this week’s video blog, I talk about how obedience can bring about happiness for children. The most obedient children are also, not coincidentally, the happiest children, the more content children, the more relaxed children. By teaching our children obedience, we are giving them a valuable gift, one that God requires of us as parents to bestow upon our offspring.


If you want the tools to have an obedient child, then check out my online course, The Obedient Child. This course, which starts January 14, will give parents the tools to stop nagging, shouting, begging, cajoling and pleading with your child to listen. You will learn the secret to getting your child to obey your instructions immediately and without backtalking, arguing or ignoring you.

In the first three lessons under “Did You Say Something?,” attendees will receive ideas you can immediately put into practice and see results right away. Not only will your kids begin to obey the first time you give an instruction, your frustration about repeating commands will lessen considerably. You’ll learn how to be a leader your kids will want to follow, the magic of Alpha Speech and the simplicity of the Instruction Routine.

Then we’ll move on to four lessons under “But I’m NOT Gonna Do It!” Here, parents will get effective strategies that will not only change your child’s outward behavior, but do that essential work on changing your child’s inward behavior. You’ll learn the key components to successful consequences that go beyond physical compliance, plus gain valuable insight into how to train your child to really learn from his misbehavior. In addition, you’ll leave with the tools to teach your child an important adult skill—The Break—that will have lasting impact on her life.

So get off the merry-go-round of repeating, nagging and begging your child to obey. Stop giving consequences that don’t address your child’s heart. The Early Bird discount ends Dec. 31, so sign up for The Obedient Child online course today!

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