Why Leadership Matters

Why Leadership Matters December 24, 2018

Are you a leader or a follower in your home? Sometimes, parents inadvertently stop leading when they interact with their children. They forget that kids, even teenagers, still need a strong leader in the home. That doesn’t mean you’re an authoritarian dictator who stomps out all opposition with an iron boot.

It does mean that you are the one in charge, and that you make the tough decisions that are best for the family as a whole and for each individual within the family. Good leaders act primarily for the purpose of bringing out the best in the people they lead.

That’s what leadership parenting does—brings out the best in our kids by:

  • Establishing clear boundaries between parent and child. This enables the child to be the child, and relives him of the responsibility of being part of the marriage or the center of attention.
  • Lowering the stress in the home. By parenting from a calm, cool, and confident place, parents are less likely to shout, scream, fret, worry, etc., on a regular, frequent basis, thus creating a more relaxing and inviting home.
  • Reducing conflict. Conflict never goes away completely because we’re human, but leadership parenting can significantly decrease arguments and strife between parent and child in the home.
  • Increasing self-confidence in your children as they take full responsibility for their own actions without parental micromanaging.

If you want to learn more about how to be a leader in your home—and how that will make your kids obey better—then sign up to attend my online course, The Obedient Child.

  • Do you think your child has a hearing problem when it comes to listening to your instructions?
  • Are you tired of your child not obeying your instructions?
  • Do you feel like consequences for misbehaviors seem to have little or no impact on your child’s behavior?

If you’re fed up with repeating yourself and are ready to start the new year with a better behaved child, then my online course, The Obedient Child, is for you. This biblically based, heart-based approach to parenting will help moms and dads learn how to get their kids to listen the first time, plus understand the purpose of consequences and how to use them effectively to reach their children’s hearts.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? To have kids who LISTEN to what you have to say AND obey! To know what to do when they don’t…without losing your cool!

I’ve designed this seven-week course with busy moms in mind. Each week, you’ll watch a short video lesson and download a worksheet designed to help you implement the lessons…and see immediate results. Sometimes, those results are for Mom, sometimes for the kid—either way, you’re moving toward having more obedient children.

Plus, you’ll receive personal interaction from me in a private Facebook group, where I’ll answer questions and provide additional assistance as you work through the material.

The Early Bird discount ends January 1, so sign up today…and have a better 2019 as a parent.



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