Parenting Postings

Parenting Postings March 15, 2019

Most parents think nothing of uploading information and photos of their children on social media, but are they overlooking the risk factors? We have chosen not to post any photographs or images of our children with the rare exception if the picture doesn’t show their face at all. We also don’t list our children’s full names, only their first initial, in postings.

In this week’s video blog, I talk about the questions I ask myself before sharing anything about my children in any type of public forum—whether it’s in an article, to a group of moms, on Facebook or in a book.

  • Will my child be embarrassed about this story?
  • Is this gossip?
  • Am I sharing this story or photo because I want to show-off my child?
  • What is my motive for sharing this particular image or story?

These questions are a good place to start when thinking about to post or not to post. For more in-depth coverage of this issue, read “Pictures of Your Kids: To Post or to Pass?

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