Kids Want to Spend Time With Family

Kids Want to Spend Time With Family August 16, 2019

Did we really need a study to tell us that kids crave more bonding time with their families? Probably not, but the statistics uncovered by OnePoll in a Red Robin (yes, the burger chain) commissioned study found that 73% of American kids would like more opportunities to bond with their family.

Parents also want more time with the kids, with 70% saying they don’t spend enough quality time together. What’s even more helpful, the survey also asked what activities children want to do more with their folks. Not surprising, spending the day at the beach, playing sports in the yard and taking a day trip to a museum or amusement park topped the list of family outings, but playing games or eating out also made the list.

In good news for parents, the majority of children surveyed consider their family to be close (90 %), with more than half of those (56%) specifying a “very close” bond. That shows that even though 34% of children don’t think their parents understand what it’s like to be a kid today, it doesn’t affect the strength of their family connections.

The survey looked beyond the activities children wanted to do more with their parents, and also looked to find the adults’ perspective. While parents enjoy activities like hiking, helping with homework and playing games with their children, it all comes down to “anything where [their children] are enjoying themselves and laughing.”


    1. Go to the beach
    2. Exercise
    3. Play sports
    4. Go to the pool
    5. Go to the movies
    6. Play at a park
    7. Camp
    8. Take a day trip (zoo, museum, amusement park, etc.)
    9. Play video games
    10. Go shopping
    11. Go out to dinner together
    12. Hike
    13. Go to an event (sporting event, concert, etc.)
    14. Spend time together in the car (driving to school, appointments, extracurriculars, etc.)
    15. Watch movies at home
    16. Make a meal together
    17. Eat meals together at home
    18. Play board games/card games
    19. Create arts and crafts
    20. Have them help with homework/schoolwork



  1. Eat meals together at home
  2. Help their children with homework/schoolwork
  3. Watch movies at home
  4. Bath time/getting ready for bed
  5. Make a meal together
  6. Read bedtime stories
  7. Go out to dinner together
  8. Go shopping
  9. Play video games
  10. Driving their children around (to/from school, appointments, etc.)


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