Thanksgiving Comes Early as the Sun Enters Virgo

Thanksgiving Comes Early as the Sun Enters Virgo August 23, 2012

This week the Sun goes into Virgo the sign of healing, fixing, cleaning, the sign of the Virgin, the symbol of perfection and purity. Virgo is the sign of health, food and service. It is classically the time of year of the harvest. We bring in the crop that’s been growing all summer and replenish our food supply. Metaphorically, it’s a time to renew our nourishment.

We are nourished by so many things; inspiration and passion are the food of the soul and we need them just as we need our daily bread for the body. If you haven’t done so lately this is the time to dust off that old dream, release what has become obsolete, hazy or confused, take back the parts of your dream that still nourishes your spirit and infuse that updated vision with a healthy dose of practical reality and attention to the details of everyday well being. Get real but keep the faith, always.

Virgo helps us notice and release feelings that have become irritable, cranky, whiney, bitchy and generally unpleasant or unhappy. Stop complaining and take action. There is fresh inspiration to give thanks and be happy for the bounty of beauty and perfection in our lives. Be grateful for the cornucopia of food, and friends, animals and nature, the simple, real everyday details that make life sublime.

Virgo is a time of practicality, rational thinking, analysis, high functioning capability and it brings order to what may have become unruly or mis-managed. Just as the Sun enters Virgo, it opposes Neptune the planet of illusion and vision. Neptune is the opposite of order and organization. Neptune is the energy of mystery, faith and belief. So there is a delicate balance being offered this week between detailed specificity and artistic spiritual breakthrough. So even the illusive “ideal” is focused into greater clarity.

Mars goes into Scorpio, making a supportive and harmonious relationship to Neptune bringing positive energy, drive and focus to the refreshed creative flow and then the Sun trines Pluto on the 30th bringing a feeling of depth and grounded strength just in time for the full moon in Pisces on the 31st which releases a peak of compassionate service and expanded sense of well being.

Return to nature, deepen into the simple joys of this mysterious life we share, this month has much to offer in the way of quiet beauty in the midst of the ever present psychic churning we’ve grown so familiar with.

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