Happy Birthday Virgo!

Happy Birthday Virgo! August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Virgo! August 23 through September 22
Now is the time of Virgo – the harvest, the energy of analysis and thoughtful problem solving resulting in ever greater levels of perfection. Perfection, a puzzling concept because of course it is impossible on the material plane. Hence the Virgo’s critical, dissatisfied occasional bitchy mood – perfection is impossible – it is a journey and not the goal.
I am a Virgo and when I first became acquainted with what Virgo meant I was appalled because Virgo rules the intestines and the colon and the resulting waste product that emerges from the nether part of the body. I was horrified. And Virgo is supposed to be neat and clean and perfect and put together and I was none of those things.

It took years to understand the beauty of Virgo, how the intestines take the food we ingest and they separate the nourishment from the waste through processes that are so complex and so amazing, we only pretend we understand. The ability to separate the gold from the dross, the nourishment in the form of vitamins, minerals, protein etc. from the shit – when I finally understood how powerful and amazing that ability is – I understood the profound power of Virgo. There is gold and there is crap in every situation – enhancing what works and diminishing what doesn’t in a loving, non-controlling way. Virgos love to fix shit. That’s the Virgo credo, whether it’s the world’s problems or figuring out how to keep the ants out of the cat food, Virgo helps everything work better. So during the time of Virgo often many things are found that need to be fixed. Don’t take it personally – it’s the time of the season for finding problems and making them better.
The harvest is the time of year when the crops come in and we take the food offered by the plants we’ve been nurturing all season and store that energy for the upcoming dark months. Kick into high gear this fall and watch things manifest and appear all over the place, thoughts and dreams that you’ve been carefully conjuring throughout this year are about to pour forth into reality.
The next month should be very productive. There are planets spread out all around the zodiac in what is called a splash – it might feel like you have 17 things going on all at once and attention needs to be paid to all of them but with the Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo, the ability to focus on the necessary details to complete the task at hand, is available.
After the last June/July Mercury Retrograde there has been a LEAP in growth and manifestation and accomplishment – so many new things are apparent in our lives, so much manifestation is happening – as opposed to talking or wondering or dreaming – now we’re manifesting.

The Sun moving up to oppose Neptune tomorrow through Wednesday you might see a new vision a new dream, a new way of doing something process oriented that opens up a door and provides a different focus, a distorted picture that then clears up by Thursday.
Mars goes into Leo August 29 through October 16th and creative activity abounds. Mars will be pushing for greater self expression and a constant integration of fun into the picture. Watch arrogance, ego, pride, impatience and general bossiness, then the confidence, entertainment and re-creation comes through like a big ball of fun filled spirit. Mars in Leo supports the personal growth of the child, the story of the playful, courageous child within each of us being told with ever greater love and appreciation.
The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn the 1st through the 3rd of September and a deep feeling of psychological connectedness is abundant and supplies a feeling of being in control – which is a very welcome feeling with all the cosmic juggling that’s going on – being in control of your breath, being in control of choosing good nourishing thoughts, feelings and actions is freely offered from the cosmos.

September 10 Mars in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury goes into Libra – the fair minded balancing energy of Mercury in Libra in a welcome ointment to the Saturn Mars square which could feel like grinding teeth, a mixture of YES and NO but . . . two steps forward and one step back and the mind finding new solutions through compromise, always seeking the path of breakthrough and breaking through stagnation occurs in great measure.
September 12 – Venus moves into Scorpio and the feminine gets deeper, psychological, dives down into the dark unknown to join with Saturn September 18th and a juicy healing and re-newing of vows of commitment and gratitude for the ones who can be present to love us helps make our loving spirit ever more powerful and penetrating in return. Valuing the energy of loss and death and letting go when the end is here in a loving allowing way – staying flexible, staying in love even when visiting Hades in the underworld.
September 20 – Pluto goes direct in Capricorn releasing and revealing levels of darkness that weren’t apparent until today. Pluto the planet of the underworld in Capricorn shoveling up even more submerged content about corruption, coercion and the ongoing battle to integrate the shadow into the fabric of ordinary reality.
September 23 – The Sun enters Libra – the Autumnal Equinox – time of balance and marriage between the dark and the light.
October 16 through November 16 – the next download of the Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn configuration – harrowing and amazing the planet of change Uranus in Aries, wrestling with the Pluto the planet of control – we’ve been involved in this since the summer of 2011 and the quickening, the ass kicking, the revolutionary upside down unexpected change and thrust into ever higher levels of terror and awareness continues.
Each time Uranus squares Pluto, which is THIS TIME in all of our lives, we’ve been getting hammered into greater levels of evolution, forced to change, to grow, to process more and more and be more and more conscious – and we keep getting better and better at it. We are advancing in the ability to channel the energy in positive, constructive pathways even though it might not always appear so based on the daily news. Our ability to flow huge amounts of psychic, cosmic, Borg, Angel energy is astonishing and here comes another dose.
Ramp up for another cosmic download from the non-ordinary beings of transformation and evolution shining through the expanded channels of love and light that we’ve been developing in each of our hearts and minds. This fall get ready for another LEAP across time and space into the expanded NOW of many blessings in love and light.

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