Happy New Moon in Aries and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Happy New Moon in Aries and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn April 10, 2013

Happy New Moon in Aries today and Pluto going retrograde Friday

This Aries New Moon reminds us of the energy of Mars which always wants action. Bringing action to a situation helps relieve aggression, anger or accidents. Take time to ground and center, inhale from the center of your “I AM” consciousness and emerge renewed – ready to sow the seeds of constructive activity, initiation and courage. Align with the energy of Spring to participate in the eternal cycle of life, light and love. This is a great time to start an exciting new creative project centered around self expression.

Pluto is the planet of evolution, the ultimate purpose of the death re-birth cycle, and we’ve been talking about how Pluto is squaring Uranus the planet of change (perfect again on May 22) and here we have the North Korean drama as one very explicit example of how powerful this energy is. Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, coercion, compulsion, all things dark and scary, is squaring, kind of like two sumo wrestlers, Uranus the planet of unexpected craziness, unpredictable change of direction and yes uranium – plutonium struggling with uranium.

Not just on the world stage, but in each of our personal lives this high frequency, higher octave energy is oscillating, demanding instant evolution from each one of us, on the deepest level, just about every single day.

The wonderful thing I’m noticing from all the stories that come my way is that we seem to be increasing in our ability to harmoniously evolve instantly, if we don’t have a whole brick wall of resistance built up. A scenario is revealed that could be ridiculously unappealing, like bird flu, or melt downs – hello!! And we can instantly choose something else in our hearts and souls even if we have to engage and play out the drama through talking and posturing on the material plane for a while. People are changing beautifully in the flash of an eye.

Obsessing on an inscrutable foe or problem of blockage and darkness and then all of a sudden a release, a new option, an unpredictable easy change of direction emerges out of nowhere. That is the prayer or intention and its working!

Pluto can and does come as a harbinger of endings and contacting Uranus can take it to a global magnitude. Now that the Mayan calendar freak out is over, we have North Korea, it seems the energy must find someplace to be channeled that provokes fear – and at the same time staying distant from the fear – because it’s just too absurd.

Fortunately there is sobering, harmonious mitigating energy also present in billions of people. The energy of instant group healing and global upliftment. We evolve and change and adapt and fix and grow and get ready for the next jolt to our system that requires another leap of instant evolution. That seems to be the higher side of the Pluto Uranus square.

There’s no time to wallow or ponder or indulge. The energy is too demanding. Harmonious higher octave expression is essential and that looks like instant cooperation with what is and simultaneous visualization and channeling of good feeling thoughts for the next moment and the next moment and the next, choosing always to channel the freedom to cooperate with life in all its ramifications. At the same time going toe to toe with that which needs to change. Release any resistance, any blocks, any shutting down of your system. Become a loving channel of high frequency energy and watch the opportunities expand and delight.

We’re all channeling high frequency cosmic energy waves and our receiving sets need to be in top working order. Move and laugh and open up to the expanded awareness, be more, do more, bring in as much light a possible and then spread the joy, beam it outward like big ray of love. This is always the choice we can make amidst that which just seems to be “happening to” us.

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