A Whoopsy Daisy Doozy Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde today at 3 degrees of Cancer until July 1st, then Neptune retrograde Monday at 7 degrees of Pisces until November 16 and the stories have started coming in!This is the opportunity to see things differently – that’s the main theme – you can “change your mind”. Everything is a matter of perception and this next few months gives many opportunities to alter the way we think – that opportunity might be stimulated by situations that would elicit a scared or negative or victimi … [Read More...]

Astrological Update in honor of the First Mercury Retrograde of 2014

February 1 – Venus direct in Capricorn conjunct Pluto – a very dark sort of intensity to the feminine, love relationships going through testing, catharsis and transformation during the past week. Sexual, psychologically challenging, controlling, empowering, deeply moving issues emerging within love relationships, women, surgery, working with the powerful, controlling, birthing and transforming the feminine - in a good way! February 6 – Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjunct Neptune - through … [Read More...]

Scary, scary Scorpio

ScorpioAllow me to share a few thoughts about the upcoming month of November. First, Wow – there is a lot of breakthrough, activation and action this month. Lots of “ah ha” moments that mark a path of distinct progress. The middle of October through the middle of November is a perfect square of Uranus /Pluto. This is always a moment of sparked consciousness. We’ve had this square on and off and on again for the past several years so we may not feel it as much, but whenever it’s perfect … [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Virgo!

Happy Birthday Virgo! August 23 through September 22 Now is the time of Virgo – the harvest, the energy of analysis and thoughtful problem solving resulting in ever greater levels of perfection. Perfection, a puzzling concept because of course it is impossible on the material plane. Hence the Virgo’s critical, dissatisfied occasional bitchy mood - perfection is impossible – it is a journey and not the goal. I am a Virgo and when I first became acquainted with what Virgo meant I was appalled bec … [Read More...]

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Cancer – Summer 2013 the care and feeding of the soul!

Happy Summer 2013! June 21 - The Sun just went into Cancer Friday and it was the first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere June 26 - Jupiter is going in the sign of Cancer and Mercury is going retrograde in Cancer. . . . hmmmm . . . that’s a lot of home, family, children, nurturing energy. Quite a lot indeed. It’s a time to expand your home and take care of your parents and children, or not, maybe it’s time to let them go. Whatever is required for balance and healing in the home. It m … [Read More...]

Happy New Moon in Aries and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Happy New Moon in Aries today and Pluto going retrograde FridayThis Aries New Moon reminds us of the energy of Mars which always wants action. Bringing action to a situation helps relieve aggression, anger or accidents. Take time to ground and center, inhale from the center of your “I AM” consciousness and emerge renewed - ready to sow the seeds of constructive activity, initiation and courage. Align with the energy of Spring to participate in the eternal cycle of life, light and love. Th … [Read More...]

Meet the Next Version of Your Higher Self

Monday, February 18 the Sun goes into the sign of Pisces which is the last sign in the zodiac, the sign that describes the inner plane of magic and miracles. Pisces is the place where energy is yet unformed and not solid, therefore can feel illusive, confusing and deceptive but really still holds the promise of the un-manifest and can shape shift and continually surprise us with ever unfolding possibilities, just like a waking dream. Monday also marks the beginning of Saturn, the planet of … [Read More...]

The Beginning of the Miracle Calendar

Greetings dear readers! Today I woke up ready to write after a few months of not being ready to write and lo and behold - Jupiter the Planet of Abundance is going direct today in Gemini the sign of writing and communication and thus today begins a steady release of amazing miracles.There has been a hitch in my step since the end of last year and the end of the Mayan Calendar. All year we had to constantly hear about how things were “ending” and then of course nothing did end but that fear … [Read More...]

Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Mercury Direct in ScorpioTuesday, November 27, Mercury the planet of communication and travel went direct in the sign of Scorpio and the last Mercury retrograde cycle of 2012 will come to an end. We have until December 12th until Mercury goes into the sign of Sagittarius and the expansive and uplifted energy really gets to kick in. Even though Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and travel is making a station and shifting today, things may still feel a little stilted and … [Read More...]

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Today!

Mercury Retrograde from Sagittarius to Scorpio and back again today at 4pm PDT thru November 27I’ve been so busy digging out emails, bills, letters, scripts and message that need to be answered, looking at agreements that need to be reviewed, taxes that need to be re-done, burning CD’s of photo’s from past trips, fixing audio files that were corrupted, re-scheduling appointments that I missed, and feeling a little overwhelmed, that I haven’t had one minute to write about the already upon us M … [Read More...]