Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Mercury Direct in Scorpio November 29, 2012

Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Tuesday, November 27, Mercury the planet of communication and travel went direct in the sign of Scorpio and the last Mercury retrograde cycle of 2012 will come to an end. We have until December 12th until Mercury goes into the sign of Sagittarius and the expansive and uplifted energy really gets to kick in. Even though Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and travel is making a station and shifting today, things may still feel a little stilted and somewhat slow, secretive or reticent to really kick in to holiday gear. Scorpio is hidden and not fully ready to disclose or open up or jump on in to the full expansion that Mercury’s entrance into Sagittarius on December 12th will bring.

There may have been a very productive if not somewhat disturbing series of events during this past three weeks that felt like a build up of pressure, a catharsis and a release which can now utilize the next 2 weeks to fully integrate the healing which has been revealed. Some big ole bandage may have been ripped off some long festering situation much to the relief of all concerned.

Take the next two weeks to accept what is and work with it in a loving respectful way, thanking “it” for showing “itself” and taking whatever fear may be attached to it and showering love, love, love.

This past sojourn of Mercury into the depths may have been very subtle in your chart, feeling like a need or an opportunity for quiet or it may have been rather more dramatic but whatever way it presented, we had an opportunity to dive deeply into the waters of psyche and pull up a hidden treasure that needed to be excised from whatever crust had formed, since that has now occured, watch the gold slowly being revealed from beneath the barnacles.

We got closer to something in ourselves that may look like powerlessness, frustrated stagnation or psychological difficulty, that part can now re-birth into greater freedom and expansion in self expression.

Wednesday’s full Moon in Gemini accompanied by a lunar eclipse adds spice, excitement and a certain rambunctious energy to the week. Be cooperative and gentle as Mars joins Pluto on the 29th and 30th of November – no need to grapple and control and then look for a slow and steady opening in optimism, faith and abundance – through the month of December – just in time for the season of celebration. We’ve got a gentle close to a kick ass year.

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