Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Cancer – Summer 2013 the care and feeding of the soul!

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Cancer – Summer 2013 the care and feeding of the soul! June 24, 2013

Happy Summer 2013!
June 21 – The Sun just went into Cancer Friday and it was the first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere
June 26 – Jupiter is going in the sign of Cancer and Mercury is going retrograde in Cancer. . . . hmmmm . . . that’s a lot of home, family, children, nurturing energy. Quite a lot indeed.
It’s a time to expand your home and take care of your parents and children, or not, maybe it’s time to let them go. Whatever is required for balance and healing in the home. It might be time to move to a new home, or put some color on the walls or make a studio in the home that feels more conducive to the work you want to do now.

This is a time of connecting to a feeling of family in any given circumstance and creating a feeling of care and nurturing in any family situation you find yourself, including the extended family of the community. Because of course there may be family circumstances you find yourself in that feel upsetting or uncomfortable or unfair or reminds you of your inner wounded child. This summer we can heal emotionally and step into the next more mature version of ourselves.
For the entire upcoming year Jupiter the planet of abundance and expansion will be in Cancer the sign of home family and child like energy. The faster moving planets, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, will spend a month or two in Cancer – but Jupiter will bring increased awareness of being thankful for the abundance you have surrounding your home and family for the entire next 13 months.
It will allow a more generous nurturing of whichever garden you’ve been planting. Now is the time to tend to the seeds that sprouted in the Spring, they have broken forth and reveal a place where good feeling thoughts are emerging and need to be watered and fed and loved.
The theme centers on being thankful and therefore mindful of the abundance offered by “the home”. The home we live in, the home we came from, the home we aspire to, the business in the home, the planet we call home and the pit of our stomach where our awareness “lives” inside our bodies. All these things will demand expanded attention and growth. And it is a great time in general for our Cancer brothers and sisters.
June 26 – through July 20 – Mercury retrograde in Cancer – family members from the past, homes, land and property from the past, parents from the past, family dynamic and ways of being from the past come into focus and some of it seems good and some of it seems difficult and it’s a great time to be loving, generous, forgiving, allowing, sharing and let things get better through advanced cosmic parenting of the universal child within. Have compassion and love for the child that lives inside us as well as the sometimes immature scared child that lives inside of others. Sometimes that child needs boundaries and expectations and goals –sometimes it needs to be pushed to mature into an adult.
We can be our own best generous fabulous parents at this time and show as an example how good it feels to be safe under the watchful eye of someone who absolutely loves and adores you. This is the cure for being angry or upset with parents or children. Beware of temper tantrums, child custody battles and evil step parents.
Connecting to the highest version of our nurturing inner selves is a way we reflect our relationship to the source of life, that which vivifies all that is – this is THE primary relationship and with Jupiter in Cancer we can feel the unconditional love and infinite way the universe provides for us, always has and always will. We don’t have to look for that nurturing from a parent who can’t give it, a child who can’t give it, any “authority figure” who isn’t giving us what we need – we can understand how to best parent ourselves, really and truly.
We don’t need to clutch onto every piece of emotional nourishment always thinking there’s not enough. We can create independent value and personal growth out of any circumstance that life presents.
The Earth “peoples” as Alan Watts says, the Earth is our Mother, the Sun is our Father, we can create right relationship with the mere “humans” that we’re involved with and not expect so much from them in a way we never thought possible before.
July 2 – 4 – the Sun in Cancer is squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn – this is a week of literal “fireworks”. Exercise care and caution in all things. The cosmic doors are open for a glimpse into an alternative, opposite, disruptive challenge – be flexible and loving, stay alert and mature.
July 17 – Saturn the planet of accomplishment in Scorpio the sign of resources is harmonious and loving to Neptune planet of dreams in Pisces the sign of compassion and they both are wonderful and kind to Jupiter planet of expansion in Cancer sign of the home – this is a moment to light a candle and bring an awakened prayer to the possibility of turning a dream into reality, the business of creativity, the manifestation of balance between expansion and contraction and vision. It’s magical and special and rare.
July 20 – Mercury direct in Cancer – whew! Look back and see how much your home, your family, your extended family, your emotional path of being a kind, generous, nurturing inner parent to your sweet perfect magical inner child and has changed, grown and become deeply grounded and rich. This last month was a huge “Birth” make sure and take good openhearted care of your new cosmic “Child”.

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