Astrological Update in honor of the First Mercury Retrograde of 2014

Astrological Update in honor of the First Mercury Retrograde of 2014 February 3, 2014

February 1 – Venus direct in Capricorn conjunct Pluto – a very dark sort of intensity to the feminine, love relationships going through testing, catharsis and transformation during the past week. Sexual, psychologically challenging, controlling, empowering, deeply moving issues emerging within love relationships, women, surgery, working with the powerful, controlling, birthing and transforming the feminine – in a good way!
February 6 – Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjunct Neptune – through February 28 – direct in Aquarius

We have so much to be thankful for as we continue our human journey. This year is amazing in its promise of self conscious awareness and progression.
So we begin this first Mercury retrograde of 2014 with a kiss to the planet of dreams, illusion, drugs, deception and imagination, Neptune, which is also the ruler of Pisces the sign where Mercury starts its walk about. This could trigger an interesting round of buried, secret, deceptive, “changeable” information and communication. Also, a plunge into your new “perfect plan” scenario. The emergence of the new dream, the next intention or goal of accomplishment emerges during the month of February. Enjoy the process of altering, editing, doubting and shape shifting the vision. Watch for a whole bunch of “a ha!” moments coupled with a deception revealed, a bubble burst, an illusion de-mystified, the whole time more secrets are being manufactured.
There might be the feeling that something is being forgotten or misplaced, losing things, being dreamy, off kilter, spaced out. Watch your stuff. Prepare for a visit from someone from the past – they may have even crossed over and somehow make themselves known to you. Pay attention while driving, making plans, agreeing to long term arrangements, eating fish, taking medicine and drinking alcohol, all are subject to confusion and mistakes. Trust your intuition, and if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true . . . if it feels odd, double check, don’t leave loose ends or procrastinate.
This Mercury retrograde requires detailed, awake awareness to balance the entrance into alternate reality. We’ll emerge at the end of February with increased perception of that which was hidden and a lot smarter about some sort of design, technology, software and or pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, gas, toxic situation that’s not quite cleaned up yet. There is probably a continuation of chemical, toxic and radio-active “spills”. Don’t avoid – find the issue, analyze it, clean it up and dream, write, paint, compose and dance a better way for the future.
March 1 – Mars retrograde in Libra through May 21st – Mars in Libra through July 26th. Mars usually goes through a sign every 5 weeks or so, this year Mars, the planet of action and desire will be in Libra, the sign of partnership and cooperation (or war – which is ultimate lack of cooperation) for 7 months. That’s a lot of learning around collaboration, partnering, sharing and getting along with “the other”. A lot of time spent aligning our desires with what works best for the relationship.
Finding balance in doing for the self and doing for the relationship at the same time, mirrors the concept of Uranus in Aries (revolution and intense unique self expression) squaring or integrating with Pluto in Capricorn (cooperation and control and inclusion in a larger group or family). And these “drum beats” of change are perfectly aligned most of April again so look to April to be another ripple in the fabric of events always moving toward evolution and change.
There is a lot of awakening around personal freedom and self expression and how it integrates into the well being of the whole. We are deeply stimulated to be self realized and therefore group realized. It doesn’t need to be either – or – it can be both.
This is a time of heightened personal development, getting very clear and specific about personal goals and instantly integrating those personal desires into the landscape of the whole. It may feel like so much pressure – pressure – pressure to be, to do, to perform and accomplish. Heed the clarion call of awakening the gentle awareness of “process”. It’s all happening so quickly, yet it still takes time and can be approached like Shiatsu as opposed to Rolfing. Easy does it. Stay awake, balanced and calm.

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