Scary, scary Scorpio

Scary, scary Scorpio November 3, 2013


Allow me to share a few thoughts about the upcoming month of November. First, Wow – there is a lot of breakthrough, activation and action this month. Lots of “ah ha” moments that mark a path of distinct progress.
The middle of October through the middle of November is a perfect square of Uranus /Pluto. This is always a moment of sparked consciousness. We’ve had this square on and off and on again for the past several years so we may not feel it as much, but whenever it’s perfect there’s a noticeable surge in energy. Pluto rules Scorpio so the super charge from Uranus will add juice to this whole month, combine this with the fact that we’re deep into the cycle of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and we’ve got some intense possibilities.

We may notice ooey gooey depth level stuff on its way towards the surface. Secrets galore. The upside of delays, schedule changes, airport shootings and health care website glitches is uncovering hidden resources, understanding how to make better use of what resources are available, using patience to stop pushing and forcing and avoiding and controlling. This Mercury’s gift is one of release. No amount of control will ultimately succeed, rather reach out and cooperate with any and every request in a calm and steady manner and resistance will soften and cooperation will ensue. This is a great month for therapeutic assistance of all kinds.
November 3 – New moon in Scorpio is also a Hybrid eclipse – Google it if you want – I won’t take up space with an explanation here, the very most obvious result is waking up today feeling hung over and blasted, moving low and slow even though we all got an extra hour. Being taken into a deeply private place inside might seem scary but it is ultimately so nourishing and so rewarding.
Don’t forget, Scorpio is the time when our awareness is turned toward death, sex and transformation. Hence Halloween and Day of the Dead and all the gory horrible ghoulish stuff that goes along with it. It is a very deep, dark, private and personal new moon, able to touch in on fascinating sometimes horribly uncomfortable psychological content.
Transformation is the operative word. Watch exposing yourself, sometimes unwittingly, to abuse, trauma, guilt, violence, horror. If all these things are unwanted and unpleasant to your psyche, just say, No. I was invited to the movie “12 Years a Slave” and I went –big mistake – I had to walk out after a half an hour and I should have known better than to go in the first place. I can’t take that much pain.
The part I can focus on is the healing, why do we have to wound and abuse in the first place so that we always need to heal something is beyond me, it’s the cycle of the soul’s experience and something I just must accept. So during this new Moon know that loss and gain, death and birth, wounding and healing are all intimately related in the sacred cycle of life and much healing is available to us right now.
This is a death and re-birth Moon – anything that can die and be sloughed away in the psyche can be sussed out, and between now and Mercury direct on November 10th can be gently processed so it can release.
This is a time to remember and honor the dead. We may also be aware of a person, or animal or situation whose time has passed.
November 6th Venus moves into Capricorn and rather than a month or so in the sign, Venus will retrograde in Capricorn December 21st through January 31st and stay in Capricorn thru March 6th, 2014. Women being promoted. Look to take the next step of accomplishment with your art, step into greater levels of responsibility, respect, and manifestation of goals, the inner and outer Feminine in the position of BOSS. We want more from our Art, Love and Beauty now through March. A maturity of the feminine and respect for all she does, inside the psyche and out. Also Venus in Capricorn can be cold and unloving – only because she wants the best, she wants to scale the mountain of accomplishment and sometimes being soft, gentle and sexy doesn’t get that job done.
November 7 Jupiter retrograde in Cancer (challenging Venus and aligning with Saturn) between now and May of 2014 tremendous strides are being made in creating a solid foundation using all available resources in order to continue expansive advancement and growth. This is a marvelous time to give great thanks for all of the abundance we receive each and every day. The details might seem otherwise but the bigger picture and looking back in retrospect reveals great achievement and growth in a sustainable way. Not like a big balloon expanding which must eventually burst, but step by step balanced structured healthy growth.
November 10 Mercury direct in Scorpio may help usher movement to the other side. This day will activate action that continues to integrate through the end of the month.
November 13 Neptune goes direct in Pisces and it is harmonious to the newly direct Mercury in Scorpio, this is a wonderfully creative combination of vision and imagination directly downloaded and instantly communicated into thought. New ideas for books and films, theater, musical composition, costume design, and any other creative endeavor you’re involved in. Stay away from too much drinking or getting high and hopefully we can keep the creepy designer drugs and secret polluting to a minimum.
Watch out for super slick shady behavior that defies exposure – but mostly this is a great day for creating positive magical thinking.
November 23 the Sun goes into Sagittarius, Mercury is out of its shadow on the 29th and the end of the month signals the time of Thanksgiving, uplifting and lighting up just in time for the Holidays to come rushing in.

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