The Benefits of Seeing Auras

The Benefits of Seeing Auras August 15, 2018

Auras may reveal that we are, in fact, made of energy; or at least that there is a life force that animates us and radiates from us. If we can learn how to work with this energy, it could change how we see and interact with the physical world. 

Learning to see and understand what is revealed in the aura could also improve the way we treat people with illnesses. We could diagnose and heal using energy and psychology rather than medications and surgery. Seeing auras can help identify or even predict health issues. If an aura is faded, for example, it indicates the person is very ill or about to die. When someone is deceased, there is no aura radiating from him or her. 

Also, each aura color personality has specific potential health challenges. For example, the emotional Blues have a higher risk of throat, breast, and reproductive problems. The fun-loving Yellows have a tendency to have back, leg, knee, liver, and prostrate issues, and they are more prone to diabetes, which stems from a lack of joy. The driven, workaholic Greens often develop heart problems, ulcers, and other digestive issues. The visionary Violets often experience thyroid and vision problems. Knowing the tendency each personality has to develop specific health issues and learning how to prevent these issues from occurring can be a tremendous help to people. 

Each color personality also has specific preventative actions they need to take to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced and healthy. Prevention techniques that work for one color don’t always work for another color personality type.

For example, if you are a Yellow aura color personality type, you usually stay healthy if you spend time in nature, exercise, eat healthy, get a massage, play, laugh, cheer up others, hang out with your dog, simplify your life, find reasons to be optimistic, smile, watch a funny movie, and laugh some more.

Green aura color personalities are very different than Yellows. If you are a Green, you feel best when you feel organized, in control of your life, and financially thriving. So it helps if you organize your space, reassess your goals and write a list of them, develop a plan, trust that you are competent, write a list of your past accomplishments, appreciate everything on that list, reduce your caffeine intake, and take deep breaths. Then, once you learn how to breathe, take action. 

In order to stay balanced, if you are a Violet you will benefit most when you practice your favorite form of daily meditation, travel, listen to positive music and recordings of inspirational teachers, spend quiet time alone realigning with your visions, get involved with humanitarian projects, spend time with people who inspire and motivate you, and travel again—possibly to foreign countries.

You Blues tend to stay emotionally balanced and healthy when you pray, connect with a Greater Source, walk, breathe, meditate, spend time appreciating your home and loved ones, remember all the loving things you’ve done for others, let go of guilt, trust you are loved, learn to love yourself by also doing good things for you, learn to say no, help others without overdoing it, and spend time with supportive friends.

If you are a Tan, you feel healthiest and happiest when you take a break from focusing on so many details, rest your eyes, breathe, watch less news, read positive and optimistic information, exercise, develop a secure financial plan, find healthy outlets for your emotions, such as talking with a calm and rational friend who can give practical and trustworthy advice, and research any type of data that will make you feel more secure about your finances, the state of the economy and the world.

If you are an Indigo, your health improves when you meditate, pray, connect deeply with nature and a higher Source, write, create art, be quiet and listen inside, create a safe environment for yourself, develop a positive perspective of humankind, help animals or children, practice compassion, trust, and remember what your soul knows: that there is a reason for everything that is going on in the world, so it’s best to be patient.

You sensitive and introspective Crystals need to meditate, pray, create a peaceful environment, spend quality time in solitude, read inspirational and intelligent books, breathe deeply, be with people you trust, listen to calming music, eat simple but healthy foods, be quiet, and spiritually reconnect.

You robust and physical Reds need to engage in hearty exercises, such as football, running, boxing, and martial arts. You also do best when you eat revitalizing and healthy foods, practice moderation and self-control, take physical action to help people (rebuild homes, rescue work, and so on), learn to manage your anger and frustration, and spend time outdoors.

In order to stay balanced and healthy, you Lavenders need to create a peaceful and calm environment, breathe, meditate, listen to soothing music, pray, simplify, spend quiet time in the serenity of nature, be with kind and supportive people, quietly daydream and imagine, and create art or music.

You outrageous and eccentric Magentas flourish best when you spend time around other unique and creative people, search for unusual items to create art, have fun at art galleries or thrift stores, entertain others, make people laugh, appreciate the absurdity of life, engage with people and life so you don’t become isolated and depressed, do something rebellious that brings you pleasure, such as getting another tattoo, keep better hours (don’t stay up all night), and eat healthier.

You daredevil Oranges are prone to injuries caused by your daring physical activities. So in order to stay healthy and uninjured it’s best if you decide what adventure you want to do next, plan it carefully and thoroughly, figure out how to make the money you need to accomplish this venture, think creatively, and act intelligently and cautiously. Exercise, eat well so you’re prepared for the task, get adequate sleep, learn to moderate and not overextend yourself, and then take action. Also consider getting involved in interesting and daring projects that also physically help people, such as rescue work.



Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. Pamala has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Better TV, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines.

Pam is the Founder of AuraColors a site designed to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. She also developed LoveColors, this site is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

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