Your Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy

Your Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy July 31, 2019

Yellows are fun-loving, humorous, creative, physical, generous, sensitive & natural healers.

Signs that you’re stressed: You are not laughing and enjoying life. You’re avoiding, procrastinating or distracting yourself with addictions (food, alcohol, TV, sweets, drugs, caffeine, etc.) Your back or knees hurt.

Tips to become happier: Spend time in nature, exercise, dance, eat healthily, get a massage, play, laugh, cheer up others, hang out with your dog, simplify your life, find reasons to be optimistic, smile, watch a funny movie, and laugh some more.


Greens are intelligent and driven accomplishers, often business-owners, managers, sales, etc.

Signs of stress: You’ve become a workaholic; you’re frustrated, critical, controlling, arguing, yelling, blaming others, or being hard on yourself. You have tight neck & shoulders, heart problems or digestive issues.

Tips to become happier: Write a list of your accomplishments, appreciate everything on that list, take deep breaths, organize your space, reduce your caffeine intake, reassess & write a list of your goals, trust yourself, and develop a plan. Then once you learn how to breathe, take action.


 Violets are visionaries, leaders, teachers, artists & humanitarians who want to help the world.

Signs of stress: You’ve become overwhelmed, scattered, constantly multi-tasking, stuck, bored, restless, or depressed; or you’re bossy, judgmental & impatient. Your thyroid may be unhealthy or your eyes may be bothering you.

Tips to become happier: Practice your favorite form of daily meditation, travel, listen to positive music & inspirational teachers, spend quiet time alone realigning with your visions, get involved with humanitarian projects, be with people who inspire & motivate you, travel again – hopefully to foreign countries.



* Blues are loving, nurturing, spiritual, emotional, and perpetually counseling and helping others.

Signs of stress: You’re exhausted from giving too much, you’re sad, cry a lot, feel unappreciated, feel unlovable or unworthy, feel guilty, or depressed. You may have throat, breast or reproductive issues.

Tips to become happier: Pray, connect with a Greater Source, walk, breath, meditate, appreciate your home & loved ones, remember all the loving things you’ve done for others, let go of guilt, trust you are loved, learn to love yourself by doing good things for you too, learn to say no, help others without overdoing it, spend time with supportive friends.



Tans are practical, logical, patient, detail-oriented, reliable, and value stability & security.

Signs of stress: You’re worried, anxious, impatient, frustrated, critical, bottling up anger or intense emotions, pessimistic, withdrawn or shut down. You may be experiencing headaches or eyestrain.

Tips to become happier: Exercise, watch less news, take a break from the details, develop a secure financial plan, rest your eyes, breathe, read positive & optimistic information, find healthy outlets for your emotions (such as talking with a calm & rational friend who can give practical & trustworthy advice), research data until you feel more secure.



* Indigos are psychic, spiritual, sensitive, independent, strong-willed, highly principled, technically adept, and often androgynous.

Signs of stress: You’re depressed, lost, confused, angry, rebellious, judgmental, shut down, withdrawn, suicidal, extremely anxious, uncooperative, paranoid or mistrustful.

Tips to become happier: Meditate, pray, connect deeply with nature, help animals or children, write, create art, create a safe environment, be quiet & listen inside, choose a better perspective of mankind, be compassionate, trust, and remember what your soul knows – there is a reason for all of this, be patient.



* Crystals are spiritual, intelligent, quiet, deep, sensitive, and introverted.

Signs of stress: You’re overwhelmed, disoriented, drained, frightened, isolated, mistrustful, and have constant health issues & low energy.

Tips to become happier: Meditate, pray, create a peaceful environment, spend quality time in solitude, read inspirational & intelligent books, breathe deeply, be with people you trust, listen to calming music, eat simple but healthy foods, be quiet & spiritually reconnect.



 Reds are highly physical, strong-willed, powerful, robust, hard-working, sensual, and independent.

Signs of stress: You’re angry, short-tempered, frustrated, & physically volatile. You are over-indulging (food, alcohol, sex, etc), overexerting, physically damaging yourself, or bitterly shutting off & isolating yourself.

Tips to become happier: Exercise, find hearty physical outlets (running, boxing, martial arts, etc); practice self-control & moderation; take physical action to help people (rebuild homes, rescue work, etc); learn anger management skills; spend time outdoors; breathe; eat healthy & revitalizing foods.



* Lavenders are highly sensitive, whimsical, artistic, fragile, and spiritual.

Signs of stress: You’re lost, frightened, confused, spacey, ungrounded, scattered, lonely, and feeling abandoned.

Tips to become happier: Create a peaceful & calm environment, breathe, meditate, listen to soothing music, pray, simplify, quietly daydream & imagine, then create & bring into form what you’ve imagined, be in nature, and spend time with kind & supportive people.



* Magentas are creative, outrageous, rebellious, non-conformist, eccentric and usually exhibit shocking & outrageous behavior.

Signs of stress: You’re isolated, depressed, rejected, lonely, lost, anxious, suicidal, pessimistic, unmotivated, and unable to cope with society.

Tips to become happier: Spend time around artistic people, have fun at art galleries or thrift stores, find unusual items to create art, entertain others, make people laugh, get another tattoo, keep better hours, don’t stay up all night, eat healthier, appreciate the absurdity of life and reengage with people and life.



Oranges are thrill-seeking daredevils and physical risk-takers.

Signs of stress: You’re frustrated, impatient, feeling trapped, short-tempered, critical and physically restless.

Tips to become happier: Decide what adventure you want to do next, make a plan, figure out how to make the money, think creatively, plan safely and then take action. Be patient with yourself and others. Exercise, eat to prepare for the adventure, get adequate sleep, learn to moderate and not over-extend yourself. Get involved in projects that physically help people (like rescue work.)

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