What Can Your Personal Aura Colors Bring to This Season?

What Can Your Personal Aura Colors Bring to This Season? March 2, 2020

Spring represents new birth, new life, new creations, new commitments, new perspectives, and new growth! This is the perfect season to bring new life to your dreams. It’s the ideal time to plant seeds of your ideas into the fertile and lush energy of the universe that is all around you. It’s also the time to melt off the old limiting beliefs that have kept you frozen in your tracks, to let go of the past wounds and disappointments that have kept you suppressed. Just as nature shows optimism by bringing new life once again to the planet, you can follow the example and allow new life and renewed positive energy to arise in your life. Spring is here! New life is here!

Here are some thoughts on how each of your aura colors can help us usher in spring! I hope you read about each of the aura colors and the benefits each brings to the world. It’s helpful to understand and appreciate all souls on the planet. We each have our special gifts to offer. (If you don’t know your personal aura colors, you can take the quick quiz here.

You Yellow Aura Colors are the embodiment of spring – with your joyful, optimistic, enthusiastic, creative, and youthful energy. Many of you finally get to go outside and enjoy nature again. You can truly be a breath of fresh air. Thank you for reminding all of us to joyfully appreciate life! Keep reminding us to play.

Green Aura Colors are often the first color to emerge in nature when spring arrives. You Green Aura Colors are able to bring forth new opportunities, new organizations, new ideas, new businesses, and new financial stimulation to the world so that others can benefit from your entrepreneurial spirit. Just like green sprouts that push their way through the heavy snow, you have the tenacity and persistence to accomplish your goals when it looks impossible. You are an example of what is possible when one is committed and is courageous enough to take action.

You Blue Aura Colors are here to give and experience love. You embody the nurturing energy of nature, of Mother Earth. Spring is the perfect time to reawaken your ability to give and teach love, despite any wounds you’ve experienced, just as the Earth with her continuous and unconditional love brings new life to us again and again. We need love all year round, but when spring is in the air, you devoted Blue Aura Colors can help us experience new hope, a feeling that we are safe, and a renewed belief in love.

Violet Aura Colors, with the arrival of spring, you can bring a new vision to the planet, one with renewed hope for the future. Show us, just like spring emerges from a cold, discouraging winter, that with dedication and strength we can emerge from our struggles. You are the inspirational leaders who can keep us believing and evolving no matter the obstacles. Demonstrate to us that you trust your visions and inspire us to know anything is possible. 

Tan Aura Colors, with your aura colors the same shades and hues of the earth, just like the earth, you help us stay strong and grounded. Remind us we can remain calm and feel secure, despite what has happened in the past. With spring here, you have a new opportunity to take ideas that can change our lives and bring them into physical form. Not many others have the patience or the ability to figure out the details involved in the new technologies or the new systems needed to help the planet. Thank you for your steadfastness and willingness to get the job done. Just like the Earth, you stay steady on your course, you take one day at a time, and eventually new life emerges. 

Red Aura Colors, you can usher in spring by courageously moving obstacles out of the way so that a new life can emerge. You may literally have shoveled snow all winter or encountered other obstacles, but you show us how courage, hard work and determination can overcome anything that threatens to stop us. Allow your passionate nature to demonstrate to us how to fully appreciate spring and every other season, and how to fully appreciate the physical pleasures of life.

You Lavender Aura Colors have such a great spring aura color. Spring is a perfect time to remind yourself and others to be whimsical and creative. With flowers and butterflies both on their way, your gift this spring can be to   show people how to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life. You know how to live with quiet grace and fanciful creativity. Remind us to take time to breathe and enjoy this new birth, this delicate season that is emerging.

For you Indigo Aura Colors, spring is the perfect example of the new life you know lies ahead for us. This is the season for new beginnings, new growth, new ideas and new perspectives on life. Since you value nature and can communicate with all living things, this is a great opportunity for you to show how to treat the new nature that is being birthed with love and respect. Nature obviously believes we deserve another chance. Hopefully you can demonstrate to people that they too are just as loved and valued.

For you Crystal Aura Colors, spring is a reflection of the beauty, wonder, and spiritual qualities you see in all things. As you sit quietly in your home sanctuary, please meditate on all the new life forms that are coming forth – and send blessings to all of nature. Pray that everyone finally treats this new life with love and kindness. Your thoughts and energy may help bring a new consciousness to the planet along with this new season.

Magenta Aura Colors, you can bring excitement and creative exuberance to this season – with the colors that you love so much finally coming back into the world. No more wearing dark colors for winter and hiding in your cave. Your artistic impulses have color to play with once again. Show people how to appreciate and enjoy all the colors of spring. Shock them out of their winter doldrums by being the first to celebrate life in full living color! That’s what nature is doing – why not you?

Orange Aura Colors, enjoying the shift from winter to spring just means you change your skis and snowboards for another sport. You are the embodiment of living life to the fullest and enjoying the new circumstance provided by spring. Most people hide inside until life becomes easier but you show us how to take advantage of all circumstances, to face all our challenges and see them as adventures. 

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Enjoy spring! 

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