Dream, Visions, and Schwarzenegger

Dream, Visions, and Schwarzenegger May 12, 2022

So, I started a Dream Log. Why, you ask? Well, I kind of want to get to a more experiential faith. Also, I have been enthralled with Celtic spirituality (particular the Celtic Christianity) and its practice of dream interpretation. But holy shitticus! I know dreams are typically pretty damn weird, but ever since I have put a conscious effort to log and interpret my dreams, what I have discovered is my dreams are wiky-wiky wacko! It makes you wonder how the ancients could have such vivid dreams and interpret so poetically (maybe a little imagination to get the point across?).

The scriptures show us numerous accounts of dreams and visions. This has been used through modernity as more of a tool to control the masses. You have seen this throughout several of sects within Christianity. That’s not what I think the Christian tradition wanted the prophetic to be used for. The Celtic Christians had a better way of this practice, I think. They used dream interpretation as a place of contemplative practice to better understand their purpose within Gods commonwealth.

Seeing our dreams as more of a way to practice contemplation in of itself, helps us avoid the pitfall of trying to control our lives and others. It gives the opportunity to enjoy the journey itself rather than putting our focus on the end results of our faith-path. Any freaken who, I guess that is my purpose to start a dream log: To Live in The Now (Garth Algar).

Back to my dreams. Wow, what a trip. From sex, drugs, rock n roll, death, old enemies hanging out at a baseball game to Arnold Schwarzenegger (more on this in bit) – my dream world has been pretty colorful to say the least. It reminds me of the scene from Black Sheep with Chris Farley,

“Between you, me, and the wall here, I had a doozy myself last night. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Get this: A corn-fed harvest mouse, a hooker, a nun, a Flemish peasant woman, whips, chains, whistles yo-yo’s, a circus midget. My grandmother riding by on a bicycle gives me the finger, and a duck! Now, I don’t know ha, ha, ha. Are you crying? Oh, my lord. I am sorry honey, please don’t! Could you get your daddy on the phone? No, don’t hang up please I…”

Now hopefully I don’t make you cry breaking down one of my dreams (crossing fingers). I do want to go back to Schwarzenegger, because believe it or not, he was in my dream – along with Joe Rogan. So, my brother and I have a podcast in actual real life called, The Wylee and JoJo Podcast (shameless plug, what of it?). It’s just two brothers talking about nonsense and having a good old time doing it (I sound like a PR person).

Back to the dream: I was with my brother Tyler and we are interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Rogan…at the same time (what a duo, huh?)! Couldn’t put a finger on exactly what we were talking about, I just remember the feelings I experienced: joy, fear, and bliss. I do recall cracking a joke which made Arnold angry (go figure).

I also remember having issues with our podcast equipment which made everyone uneasy. All in all, not the greatest experience. But one thing did ring true through all of it and that was fear steering my course of action. In moments like those (when meet in reality), I/we need more of a casual disposition. Enjoy it and have fun! This is what I hope logging my dreams will do: Help me step into the mystery of God (life itself) and don’t worry if I get it right or wrong.

I leave you with a little poetry from John of The Cross to finish this off. Hopefully my dreams and visions will give me a smidget of this perspective (one can only dream…get it?),

“I will never lose myself

for anything the senses can taste,

nor for anything the mind can grasp,

no matter how sublime,

how delicious.

I will not pause for beauty,

I will not linger over grace.

I am bound for

an I-don’t-know-what

deep within the heart of the Mystery.”

—John of the Cross, Glosa á lo Divino, trans. Mirabai Starr

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