Thou Shalt Not Cancel

Thou Shalt Not Cancel August 23, 2023

Today, we’re diving headfirst into the holy hilarity that is the concept of cancel culture within the realm of Christianity. Say what you want to say about the actual definition and origin of “cancel culture”, but it seems Christianity has been performing this ritual since its meager beginnings. I mean maybe it can be compared to heresy hunting?

Look, I am not trying to portray some political perspective here. I know this is more of a conservative talking point (ironic huh?). I mean burning books and deleting tweets are in the same category as censorship (sorry to break it to you progressives). In the end, it’s an idea that I think rings a good amount of truth when it comes to our “Christian” relationships.

Picture this: a heated theological debate erupts at the local church leadership retreat. Sister Sally insists that pineapple on pizza is a divine sin, while Brother Bob fervently believes it’s a heavenly creation. The tension is thicker than the thickest of biblical scrolls. But wait! Before we whip out the holy erasers and start annulling folks left and right, let’s take a comedic detour down the winding path of why we can’t (and shouldn’t) disregard others for having differing faith views.

Obviously, this is an exaggeration. Our heated debates and often diabolical attacks on each others character become more than a church potluck gone bad. I get we all must step away from past doctrines that affected our mental well-being (I’ve experienced this firsthand). That is all part of the process of growing, healing and transformation. But we need to learn that our beliefs aren’t actually our true essence as human beings divinely crated in the image of God. If we claim to be part of this Jesus tradition, when are we going to see that we are in this to love; not to divide and conquer?

We aren’t Judge Judy

Look! We made it to the pearly gates of heaven (not sure if that is how it’s like but go with it), complete with St. Peter as the bouncer. Can you imagine him flipping through a divine clipboard, checking off whose views passed muster? “Sorry, Brother Bill, you believed Noah’s Ark was a yacht party. You’re outta here!” The truth is, we’re all on this faith roller coaster together. So, let’s not play Judge Judy with salvation as the prize. Remember, it’s God’s job to sort out and redeem the divine disharmony, not ours. In the grand comedy of celestial errors, we’re all characters in the same script, so let’s keep the heavenly drama level to a PG rating, shall we?

Heavenly Hodgepodge of Beliefs

Ah, the beauty of diversity! Just like the early church had its share of biblical bloopers, today’s spiritual tapestry is woven with threads of different beliefs. Let’s face it – if you gather a group of Christians, you’ll have more theological perspectives than there are flavors at a local weed dispensary. From fiery Charismatics to progressive Mainliners, we’re all part of the divine disharmony. So, just breath for fucks sake! Embrace the cacophony, because if life were a sitcom, these quirky characters would be what make it worth watching.

Heresy Hotline – Who You Gonna Call?

Imagine if we had a heresy hotline! You could call in to report your neighbor for daring to believe that the book of Job was a sitcom pilot. But before you speed-dial the heresy police, remember that our faith isn’t a uniform set of beliefs. It’s more like a spiritual scavenger hunt where we stumble upon truth in unexpected places. And hey, if someone thinks John 3:16 is a secret code to a celestial treasure chest, that’s their quirky compass. Instead of withdrawing, let’s try conversing! Engage in lighthearted debates, swap stories, and who knows – maybe you’ll find some truth nuggets in the most unexpected places.

IPAs and Communion – The Diversity Delight

In the grand ecclesiastical homebrew, we’ve got more flavors than the hottest brewery in town. From hops of doctrine to frothy faith practices, we’re a deliciously diverse batch. Think about it – abandoning someone for having different beliefs is like refusing a Hazy IPA because it’s not your favorite flavor. Let’s savor the diversity (and adversity), indulge in the discourse, and leave no theological beer unturned. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite flavor of faith.

Saints and Sanctimonious Selfies

Oh, the era of social media, where canceling is just a tap away! But before you swipe that finger of judgment, think about the saints of yore. Imagine if St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas duked it out in a 280-character tweetstorm. Would the church be the same without their diverse theological perspectives? Probably not. So, before you update your status to “Canceling Apostle Paul for not being woke enough,” remember that even the big shots of the faith had their theological rap battles.

In Divine Jest We Trust

The world is rife with problems that require our energy and attention – from global crises to local conundrums. In this cosmic comedy, let’s reserve our revoking powers for injustices that truly matter. In the grand divine scheme, differing views within Christianity are like the quirky cast of characters in a sitcom: they keep things interesting, they spark debates, and they remind us that faith is a journey with twists and turns.

So, my fellow spiritual jesters, let’s laugh in the face of cancel culture and embrace the cacophony of Christian thought. Let’s sip communion wine with pineapple slices, celebrate our diversity like a buffet of blessings, and remember that canceling others for their faith views is about as holy as a sieve.

In the end, we’re all part of the grand cosmic comedy, complete with plot twists, character arcs, and theological punchlines. So, the next time someone passionately argues that the burning bush was actually just a really spicy pepper, just smile, nod, and remember that God’s sense of humor is as infinite as His grace.

Stay blessed (evangelical soccer mom voice), stay open-minded, and may your faith be as uncancelable as the eternal laughter in heaven’s great halls!


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