New Thing To Be Wrong About: Having ‘Genital Preferences’ In Dating Is Transphobic

New Thing To Be Wrong About: Having ‘Genital Preferences’ In Dating Is Transphobic April 25, 2017


Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at how inane this is!

Riley J. Dennis recently posited that if you’re a woman who wants to date a man with a penis, you’re wrong. Not only are you wrong, you are a transphobic bigot.

She came up with the new word, “cissexism,” which means “prejudice or discrimination against trans people.” By the way, this is exactly the same definition of the word “transphobia,” but you just can’t have enough new words to try to shame people for their bias.

On the feminist website, she said:

[People] might argue that being attracted to women without vaginas in no way negatively affects trans people, but on the other hand I would argue it’s more complicated than that. We all have our implicit biases built into our preferences and gender isn’t as simple as just the genitals you have.

Remember when gay people argued that “it doesn’t matter if two men are attracted to each other. It doesn’t affect heterosexuals at all.” The new mantra is precisely the opposite: “If heterosexuals are attracted to each other exclusively, it affects everyone negatively.” Got it?

I’m not even sure what to say about this, except that I am really glad that these liberal, sexual activists are a part of the Democratic party.  Just wait until you tell normal Democrats that they are bigots because they have a preference like that.  Weren’t the Democrats the ones who kept yelling, “Stay out of my bedroom!”

(Well, not all Democrats were screaming that — For example, Bill Clinton has probably never uttered those words in his life, am I right?)

Anyway, over at Red State, Kira Davis explains this non-sense even further.  Apparently, lesbians are mad at this, since they — wait for it — have a “genital preference.”  She explains more:

Riley goes on to discuss the rebuttals to his “cissexism” argument, admitting that he has received many complaints from lesbians who claim he is engaging in “lesbian erasure”. He goes on to say that he doesn’t deny any lesbian the right to prefer vaginas but not all women have vaginas and if a lesbian denies that being attracted to a woman with a penis is also a valid homosexual choice that is because she’s “cissexist”.

May I just say that 2017 is not turning out the way I had hoped?

h/t Truth Revolt

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