Statement from AODA Grand Archdruid About Treatment of Asylum Seekers

Statement from AODA Grand Archdruid About Treatment of Asylum Seekers July 2, 2018

Tornillo Detention Facility, Photo by Gordon Cooper

Posting on Gordon’s behalf.

My name is Gordon. I am a druid, a Craft Elder and Anthropologist who lived in El Paso for 5 years as I attended UTEP some decades ago. Many people here accepted me as an extended family member at a very hard time in my life. I have spent the past few days in El Paso attending a Memorial for a teacher of mine, and have spoken with many people here, including advocates and allies working for the rights of these Asylum seekers.

The xenophobic, corrosive policies and motivations of the current US President and his supporters are designed to break families apart and strip away all dignity,  choice and joy from the most vulnerable in this hemisphere.

Without reservations, I condemn the policy of the US government to turn away people legitimately seeking asylum at the border, rights granted by many long-standing treaties. These arrests-for the equivalent of a traffic ticket-are an abuse of power.

I call on the US to return children separated from their parents to their families. I also call for an end to the policy of requiring asylum seekers to renounce their asylum claim in order to be reunited with their children.” 

Are these actions and policies rooted in a love of justice, wisdom or a connection to Spirit? Are tent cities run by the military a Good Thing? Is this the vision for each other we want to teach and leave as a legacy?

It is not my place to tell anyone what to do. But I would offer that, should you feel a strong emotion over these unprecedented, venal acts, let these feelings empower your actions.

I choose to act from Love, in the knowing that I can only truly manifest Love if I behold each and every one of these refugees as an embodiment of the One. It is only through my actions in this matter that I can help manifest Holy Wholeness in this world.

May we find our best, unexpected gifts and share them.

So say I, and I alone.

Gordon Cooper

Grand Archdruid, Ancient Order of Druids in America

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