The Armor of Ra Hoor Khuit

The Armor of Ra Hoor Khuit March 18, 2020

In this time of extraordinary demand we are all drawing on our inner and outer resources to complete our daily tasks and to help each other. This armor reinforces our strength and centers us in the powers around us which sustain us.

This is a Thelemic rite but you don’t have to be a Thelemite to do it. In some traditions you need to be introduced to a deity to approach them, or you need to have an empowerment to do their rituals, but the Thelemic entities are welcoming. Anyone can do this ritual at any time.

Ra Hoor Khu Armor

This rite can be performed standing or sitting. You can face any direction.

  • Exhale completely. See or feel tension leaving your body.
  • Inhale completely. See or feel clean energy filling up your body.
  • Repeat this three times.
  • See and/or feel Ra Hoor Khuit standing behind you.
  • Hold your arms in front of you.
  • With your right hand, stroke your left arm from shoulder to the end of your fingertips. While you do this, say or intone, “Ra.”
  • With your left hand, stroke your right arm from shoulder to the end of your fingertips. While you do this, say or intone, “Hoor.”
  • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. Say or intone, “Khu.”
  • As you say this, see and/or feel Ra Hoor Khuit wrap his wings around your body, completely enveloping you.
  • Know that you are standing within the presence of Ra Hoor Khuit; he is without you and within you.

As you go about your day can lift your hands to your shoulders at any time while seeing and feeling the wings of Ra Hoor Khu enclosing you. If it’s too awkward to make the physical gesture you can imagine yourself doing this.

Context of the rite

The ritual calls on Ra Hoor Khuit who speaks in the third chapter of Liber Al vel Legis, the Book of the Law. You can learn more about him by reading the book.

A bit of background: while on her honeymoon in Egypt, Rose Kelly Crowley heard voices and told her new husband that Horus wanted to speak to him. She led Aleister Crowley to a funerary stele in the Cairo Museum which depicted Re Horakhty, a form of the Egyptian god or Kemetic netjer Horus. Rose then told Aleister how to perform a ritual to Horus. He did so on March 20, 1904. Later Crowley called this the Supreme Ritual and said it had opened the New Aeon which is the Aeon of Horus. He called on Thelemites to celebrate the ritual each year.

Any Thelemite is welcome to perform the Ra Hoor Khuit Armor on its own or as part of a celebration of the Supreme Ritual on March 20.

I wear this armor every day.

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