And Now, a Serious Meditation on the Dormition…

And Now, a Serious Meditation on the Dormition… August 15, 2016


(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

…from my Orthodox friend over at Morphodoxing.

Whatever your disagreements with Orthodoxy or anything else, just click that link and read it through. It made my hair stand on end. My friend is a brilliant woman who knows what it’s like to suffer for a baby, far more than I do or most mothers I know.

You who have borne a child will go to your grave filled with memories of the prototype for her life, every potential coiled and stored away. Your body will never forget that you have been a mother to that child, an eternal truth that cannot be destroyed, the genesis of a new soul. I am no longer just myself, I am also a little bit of all my children, and I will carry them with me until this body breathes no more. Maternal chimerism, a new name for something we always felt.

If I wanted to copy and paste my favorite part, I would have to paste the whole post, but that’s a great taste of it. Read the whole thing. Pray for us, O Theotokos!

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