A Saint Francis’ Day Tin Cup Rattle

A Saint Francis’ Day Tin Cup Rattle October 4, 2016


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I have been blogging for over six months now.

Six months. Half a year and I’m still here, you’re still reading. Awesome.

I haven’t run out of fun stories or irritated rants yet. We haven’t even gotten to my worst story about Halloween on the Planet Charismatic,  I’ll be with you to hold your hand on election day. And after that we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and the Byzantine Catholic version of advent which is six whole weeks long.  We’re gonna have lots to talk about.

Want to keep reading Steel Magnificat? Well here’s how you can help me keep writing.

I’ve been perfectly up front about the fact that Michael and I are on skid row and live for the fifth of the month. That has yet to change, though we’re hopeful. This month we’re in a jam because Michael has been accepted to give a paper at a conference, but we can’t afford to send him there or pay his conference fee. Crockett the washing machine is still going strong, but Tubbs the dryer is broken and I’m not sure how to fix him. Not to mention my daughter just had the audacity to grow out of all of her jeans and leggings over the summer, and the is probably the last week she’ll be able to wear her shorts.

I have met some people who believe that Catholic blogging is a lucrative enterprise, but the fact is, especially if you’re just getting started, bloggers live on tips. We’re basically busking for our lives every month, but since we’re writing you’re spared the cost of listening to Michael sing and play the guitar (and you WOULD pay to make him stop). And this is how you can help. If you like Steel Magnificat, first of all, keep liking and sharing and commenting. Help us get our names out. Secondly, if you possibly can, give me a tip. It’s simple.

Please notice the sidebar, over this-a-way? ————————————–>

Below the ad over which I have no personal control, below the four boxes labeled “Popular at Patheos Catholic,” there is a donate button with the inscription “your gratuity helps support the author’s family.” “Gratuity” is a fancy word for “tip.” If you like what you read, click that button, and PayPal will walk you through giving a tip.  You can tip me regularly or only once, you can tip me a tiny amount or a large amount, it’s all very much appreciated. If you don’t like what you read, you can always give me a tip in the hopes I’ll go away, just like the judge in Jesus’s parable. If you can’t afford to tip, just keep liking and sharing. Above all, pray for us and we’ll pray for you.

10/5 update: I’ve just been told that people on their cell phones can’t see the donate button, so I copied and pasted a link to it. Anyone reading me on a cell phone can go here to get to my PayPal and leave a tip too:

Thank you!


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