It’s Time For Pro-Life Leaders To Repent

It’s Time For Pro-Life Leaders To Repent October 8, 2016


I have striven not to talk about politics on this blog any more than I can help.

I have resolved in the past, and almost kept my resolution, not to mention candidates by name. I have encouraged my readers to form their consciences, familiarize themselves with the whole teaching of the Church, fast and pray, and make the best decision they can. I still stand by that.

But right now, I’m going to briefly mention a candidate by name.

Two candidates, in point of fact, because I want to point out that I’m not telling anyone to vote for Hillary. If you say anything against Republicans in this country you’re considered to be endorsing Democrats. I know very well that Hillary supports all kinds of things I, personally, find repulsive and which are against our Catholic Faith.

Now, let me talk about her opponent.

Look at this filth. 

Read what Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States, where I live and have to raise a daughter, said about women. Look at the names he called them. Look at what he says he likes to do to them. Watch the tape. Read up on how he at first refused to apologize, how long it took him to release a statement.

“Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.”

This is the man who up until this presidential campaign was verbally pro-abortion, and then claimed to have a conversion to being pro-life at least some of the time when he began to run for president.

It was obvious from the beginning that he was lying, and it’s completely transparent now.

Yes, yes, I know he’s pledged to appoint pro-life justices, but listen to what he said on tape. Do you think a man who instrumentalizes women can ever be pro-life? Women are the ones who give birth to babies, in case anyone forgot. You cannot have a pro-life, much less a Catholic worldview, if you want to use women as objects for sex against their will.

“You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y.”

Yes, I know he’s apologized after a long silence. It’s too little too late. We can forgive a person without handing him the presidency. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we give the nuclear codes to a man who bragged about sexual assault. If you can instrumentalize a woman for sex, you can do anything to anyone. You’re a sociopath.

The pro-life movement has no candidate.

It was ludicrous of Priests for Life, the Susan B. Anthony List and all the other big name pro-life organizations to pander to Trump in the first place. Anyone with half a brain could tell he was lying. But they are so entrenched in party politics they’ll endorse anyone. Now, the fact that their candidate is a philandering pig who has sexually assaulted women and bragged about it– yes, grabbing genitals and forcibly kissing are sexual assault– is all over the news.

I’m calling on the leaders of the pro-life movement to repent. You’ve pandered to party politics rather than being wise as serpents and innocent as doves the way our Lord commanded, and now you look like idiots. Besides that, you’re encouraging the notion that pro-life people hate and instrumentalize women.

I am a devout Catholic pro-life woman, I’m raising a devout Catholic pro-life daughter, and I’m calling out Donald Trump for the anti-life, anti-woman monster he’s obviously been all along.

I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. All I’ve said all along is to use the brain God gave you. Use it. Randomly saying he’s pro-life and will appoint pro-life justices when all of his actions point to the fact that he’s a womanizing animal does not make a candidate pro-life.

You could have said “we endorse no one this year.”

You made a mistake.


I tried to be graceful about all of this, but I just can’t anymore. The pro-life movement is a laughingstock because of these gullible people following Donald Trump. Stop it.

And those of us who are truly pro-life need to be vocal in disavowing people who are merely desperate to get a Republican elected under any circumstances, even if he’ll hurt more women and children than are already suffering now. That’s instrumentalizing women as much as rape is.

Okay, now I’ll go back to trying not to name names. Thank God this election will be over in a month.

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