A Much-Needed Work of Mercy For Father Louis

A Much-Needed Work of Mercy For Father Louis November 1, 2016


Take a look at what happens to my friend Father Louis Merosne’s rectory, in the parish of Anse-a-Veau in Haiti, every time it rains. I can’t embed the video; click on the link.

Every time it rains the slightest bit, the whole rectory floods. Right through the ceiling, onto the dining room table, through the floor, they try to slosh the water out of the hall with a broom but it doesn’t exactly work well. And, Haiti is not a dry country. It rains quite a bit.  Nor is it a rich country; they don’t have the money to repair the roof. Father Louis and several other priests have been living in these conditions since Hurricane Matthew.

Here’s how you can help them repair and rebuild. You can donate to their youcaring account right now. Or, you can send a tax-deductible check to:

Mission To The Beloved

1811 Hamilton Place

Steubenville, OH


(Image via Pixabay.)

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