When it Rains it Pours…

When it Rains it Pours… March 13, 2018


Hi folks,

I’ll be on again with a real post in a couple of hours, this is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat and the adorable family who run it are both almost entirely reader-supported. We live on tips, and every so often I get on here to pass the hat and busk.

Right now we’re coming to the end of the winter and the enormous gas bills, probably one more enormous gas bill before we open the windows and start putting off turning on the AC.  We also get a bonus challenge this month, because Crockett the secondhand washing machine’s belt broke and he won’t agitate the clothes anymore. And just when we were getting really good at stirring the wash with a broom handle during what’s meant to be the spin cycle, Tubbs the secondhand dryer’s heating element went kerplooey as well. Apparently it’s not good for the life of an elderly used dryer to run it an extra long time to dry soaked clothes that didn’t get wrung out during the broken spin cycle. We’re back to drying laundry in the dining room while we think of something else.

So, as usual I ask, if you like what you read, give me a tip! If you don’t like what you read but want to be nice anyway, give me a tip! If you can’t tip, keep reading and passing along what you like, and Michael and I will keep all of you in our prayers regardless. You guys literally keep the lights on around here, and this month you’re keeping us in clean clothes as well.

How do you tip? It’s easy! Just go to the tabs at the top of this page, right under the Steel Magnificat banner. Click on the “Donate” tab, and then click on the yellow button. PayPal will walk you through the rest.

Thank you all very much again. And now back to regularly scheduled blogging.

(image via pixabay) 



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