A Springtime Request

A Springtime Request April 22, 2018

Hi folks,

This is your brief periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat is about 90% reader-supported, which means almost all of my income is reader tips.  I’m too often ill from fibromyalgia to work outside the home so I work here at home as a writer, writing as close to seven articles a week as I can manage; Michael copyedits them and takes care of the housework and childcare I can’t do while I’m laid up; and the people who appreciate the articles read and share and slip me gratuities when they can. I use the gratuities to pay my electric and internet bills so that I can write, and the life cycle goes on.

The trolls in Banished By Mark Shea like to crack that I’m “too lazy to apply for EBT,” but I actually am on EBT,  in addition to working every day of the week at the only job I can do circumstances being what they are. And this week of the month the EBT’s clean gone but it won’t refill until the fifth. So, if you like what you read, give me a tip when you can! If you don’t like what you read but want to be nice anyway, give me a tip! If you’re a troll, tip me a dollar and then you can cuss me out in the memo box without anyone knowing.  If you can’t tip, keep reading and sharing and may God bless you all. We are grateful to everyone who appreciates our work.

In order to tip, just go to the “donate” tab at the top of this page under the “Steel Magnificat” banner. Click on the yellow button. Paypal will walk you through the rest.

Thank you again!
Now back to actual worthwhile writing.

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