An Autumn Appeal

An Autumn Appeal September 23, 2018

Hello friends, I am working on today’s Sunday Gospel mediation in another tab, late as usual, and that will be up before I leave for the late Mass. This post is only your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat, and my family, are almost entirely run on gratuities. I work from home as a writer due to my chronic illness, churning out three to seven literary art projects per week here, my husband copyedits for me, and he’s also the homemaker who takes care of Rosie and does the housework since I’m so often too sick to get off the sofa or out of the house. I get a very small monthly check from Patheos based on clicks, and the rest of my family’s income is based on tips from satisfied readers. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you pay whatever you think my writing is worth and you get to read even if you don’t.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who tips– we get a lot of small five-and-ten-dollar tips and a few large ones; some people sign up through Paypal to tip at the same time every month and some just do when they can. Some months we’re comfortable, and some months we make next to nothing, but we have been getting by ever since this blog started thanks to you guys.

I think we’re finally done with High Air Conditioning Bill season, which means we’re facing High Gas Bill season (Steubenville only ever has those two). And I’m looking ahead to having to buy Rose her winter coat and so forth. The weird herbal tonics and such I’m using to control my fibromyalgia are still working and they’re still not cheap.

So, as always, if you like what you read, leave me a tip when you can! Just click on the “donate” tab at the top of this page under the Steel Magnificat banner, then click on the yellow “donate” button and Paypal will walk you through the rest. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

Now back to posts worth reading.

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