An Urgent Opportunity to Help Feed the Hungry

An Urgent Opportunity to Help Feed the Hungry December 3, 2018


You’re in luck! It’s the first Monday of Advent and God’s given us a wonderful opportunity to show Him hospitality today.

This morning, Christ appeals to us in the disguise of an immigrant with nothing at all to eat.

My friends are raising money for several asylum-seeking families in Maryland. These people are not here illegally (not that that should matter to a Christian when a human being needs food anyway), they are legally living in Maryland while they await the hearing for their asylum claim. But until their asylum claim is heard, they cannot legally work in the United States. This might take up to a year. Since they can’t work, they can’t earn a paycheck.

These people have suffered greatly to get to America– some of them walked all the way from Central America and some of them were temporarily separated from their children at the border. Now they are back together, one of them has a brand new baby, and they need to eat while they wait for their claim to be heard. They can’t go to a local food pantry because the local food pantry requires a permanent local address, which they can’t get until after their hearing.  And contrary to what you might have thought, they are not eligible for food stamps or any government aid at all until after their hearing either. They’re allowed to stay here legally, but they’re not given anything to live on or allowed to earn a living either. They have to depend solely on what other people give them.

Immigrant Families Together is raising money to buy these families groceries until they can work and earn their own. They’ve started a gofundme specifically for grocery money for the migrant families in Maryland, and you can donate to it here.

Please be as generous as you can with our vulnerable brothers and sisters who have already suffered so much.

(image via Pixabay) 

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