The Monthly Busk

The Monthly Busk September 25, 2019

Hell friends, I’ve got a post worth reading open in a tab. This is just my all-time least favorite part of blogging, my monthly busk for tips.

I am supporting my family here at Patheos writing three to seven literary art projects per week. Sometimes I write about the news, sometimes I write about the Ohio Valley, sometimes I write about Catholic devotions, and I do an awful lot of writing about spiritual abuse.  I get a very small paycheck per thousand clicks in the United States for that writing, and no money for clicks that come from most countries outside the US. The vast majority of my income is in gratuities from satisfied readers. You slip me a tip when you get the chance, I use it to pay my light bill, take my vitamins and buy coffee so I can keep writing. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you pay what you think I’m worth and can keep reading even if you don’t.

Sometimes people throw a couple dollars in the tip jar, sometimes people give me a whole lot more, and there’s apparently an option to sign up to tip monthly when you click on my “Donate” button. I’m grateful for all of it.

This month we’re almost into the cooler weather so the utility bills this month might be lower, but we’ve got a giant backlog of past due from the summer heat wave. Also I’ve got some pricey herbal remedies that my doctor approved for my fibromyalgia, and they help a great deal with the fatigue and head fogs that are my worst symptom. But I can lately only afford to take them about half of the time. When I take them I write a lot more and faster, and when I don’t it’s challenging to even type a paragraph. I’m hoping that with a few more monthly tippers I can close that gap.

In order to tip, just go to the “Donate” tab at the top of the Steel Magnificat page, then click on the bright yellow “donate” button, and  Paypal will walk you through the rest.

And now back to blog posts worth writing!

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