An Urgent Work of Mercy for Christ the King Sunday

An Urgent Work of Mercy for Christ the King Sunday November 21, 2020


Hey folks, I have a wonderful opportunity to perform a huge work of mercy for a young lady who’s had a spot of bad luck.

Remember how last year, we all pulled together and helped my friend with eight kids who had fled an abusive marriage and needed a hand at Christmas?  This year, to warm up for the Advent season, we get to do it again for another vulnerable woman. My new friend, Angel Marie, is a young woman who left an abusive relationship here in Steubenville. She is from out of town and doesn’t have much of a support system in the community just yet. Angel has a preschool-aged daughter and is pregnant with another child.  She has housing and some clothing for herself and her daughter, but she doesn’t have anything else– no furniture or kitchen supplies, and nothing for the baby who’s coming in April. She’s working with some local charities to get some of her furniture. I told her to put together a baby registry on Amazon.

Here it is: Angel’s registry. It’s got things she needs for her baby, things for Christmas for her four-year-old and household things to furnish the apartment. If you buy an item on the list, it will get shipped directly to her. Please consider this a part of your Black Friday Christmas shopping and your observation of the season of Advent. Take a look at tomorrow’s Gospel reading, and remember that when you help a mom in need and her children, you’re really helping Jesus and Mary. See if you can give her a hand, and pass the registry on to your friends. She asks that when you send a gift, you click the box in the gift instructions that will send her an email so she knows when it’s coming and can look for the mail since she’s in an apartment building with several tenants.

The world is very dark right now. There is so much suffering and fear, it can be hard to know where to start making it better.

I’m going to try to show my readers many ways we can bring Christ’s light this Advent. Here’s the first one. There’s much more to come.

Now, let’s get to work!

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