The Early Spring Tin Cup Rattle

The Early Spring Tin Cup Rattle March 4, 2021


Hey folks,

This isn’t a real post, this is just my monthly reminder that my blog and my family run on gratuities. I have a real post for later tonight open in a tab.

I get a tiny paycheck from Patheos, sometimes as much as a hundred bucks lately, for clicks in the United States, and besides that my whole living is tips from readers who like my work. Think of it as tipping your Uber driver, or a magazine subscription where you get to pay what you think I’m worth and still get to read if you don’t pay anything. I get some tips for just a few dollars and some tips for much more. Some people sign up to tip monthly and some people just throw me some when they can, and of course some people can’t afford to tip but they keep reading and sharing. Between all of this, my family gets by. The button says “donate” but it’s actually just a tip sent to my paypal, not a charitable donation. I pay taxes on them, or would if I made enough.

This winter we got by by the skin of our teeth, and we still have to pay the last month’s utility bills on the drafty old house. The COVID relief bill seems to be taking its time. So, as always, I humbly ask: if you like what you read, give me a tip! That way I can pay my light bill and keep the computer turned on to keep writing. Just go to the “donate” tab, click on the bright yellow button, and PayPal will walk you through the rest.

And now, on to a blog post worth reading!


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