Please Help Me Fix the Neighborhood Trolley

Please Help Me Fix the Neighborhood Trolley July 7, 2021



Hey guys,

I’m sorry about this. Believe it or not I hate to busk for tips, I do it as rarely as I possibly can– which is still too much, as you know if you read me every day. My family lives on tips from my blog, plus a very small royalty check from my books, so I do have to rattle the tin cup now and again. And this evening, it’s become more urgent than usual.

As my regular readers know, we got a “new” car in March that was actually nine years old. I named it the Neighborhood Trolley because I happened to buy it on Fred Rogers’s birthday.  It’s our first car in fifteen years of living in Steubenville, thanks to the generosity of friends loaning me money I can pay back super slowly when our bad credit would never allow us to lease a car. It’s changed our lives. Of course, the first thing I did when I got the car was run over a curb because I’m not used to driving, and the wheel well cover came off. I couldn’t afford to get that fixed in a timely fashion so I just tried not to drive over pebbles so I wouldn’t mess up anything else. Then Rosie rolled down a window that now won’t roll all the way up, meaning the AC won’t keep the car from being stifling during the July heat wave, so it isn’t nice to drive during the day. And now my number is up, because tonight the headlight on the side of the car where the wheel well cover fell off isn’t working and I can’t drive it at night.  And a sensor still needs to get fixed or the engine will break more eventually, but I’ve been putting that off too.

I could probably fix some of these things myself, except that the only spot to park the Neighborhood Trolley is in front of our house inches from our abusive neighbor’s property line and I can’t crouch there with my back turned.  I’ve got to take the car to the body shop in the next day or so so that things don’t get worse. And we’re very grateful to make enough to live on, but I don’t have money for the car’s trip to the doctor.

So, I’m asking as I do way too often, if you like what you read, give me a tip when you can! Just go to our donate page here and click on the bright yellow button, and Paypal will walk you through the rest. If I can get the car back in shipshape and there’s any money left over, I promise to fill the trunk and treat the Friendship Room as well.

Thank you again to all my readers who fill the tip jar and keep us afloat.

And now back to posts worth reading!


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