Yes, Babies in Jail Deserve Formula

Yes, Babies in Jail Deserve Formula May 12, 2022

I want to address the public statements of several politicians, all Republicans, as regards the current formula shortage crisis in America. Congressman Troy Nehls of Texas tweeted tersely “Baby formula should go to Americans before illegals. This should not have to be said.” He then linked to an article in the Washington Examiner about palettes of baby formula being delivered to a holding facility for immigrants. The article quotes extensively from the Twitter page of Congresswoman Kat Cammack of Florida, who was complaining in tweets and videos that the holding facility was well stocked with formula while grocery stores were low or empty all around.

Today we also had a long statement from Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, together with National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd. You can read that whole statement here. In the statement, Abbot and Judd condemn president Joe Biden for providing formula for babies at the immigrant holding facilities. I don’t know why they’re condemning Biden himself, as it’s not the president’s job to order the food supplies for holding facilities and see that they’re delivered, but that’s who the men chose to attack. They are angry that immigrant babies in containment facilities have formula to drink while Texas citizens may not.
I am also horrified at the thought of any parent, Texan or otherwise, not being able to find formula at the store, and at any child, Texan or otherwise, going hungry due to this nightmare of a formula shortage. But I feel that I have to remind people that the immigrants in question are in HOLDING FACILITIES.

Holding facilities.

Those are jails.

These immigrants cross our border illegally which is usually a misdemeanor, or legally in the case of asylum-seekers who are supposed to step over the border before seeking help, and they are put in jails while they are processed. They shouldn’t be. America is guilty of great cruelty to the people who come to us for help. This is not a Republican problem but a United States problem, one I lambasted Trump for many times and I believe Biden to be remiss about as well. But that’s not the point right now. The point is, these people are in jail. They’re not allowed to leave. They can’t walk down to the gas station and see if there’s anything good to eat. They can’t drive from store to store to see if they can find the groceries they’re looking for. They can’t even turn on the stove and cook up a homemade baby formula substitute (which is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted anyway). The only thing prisoners in jail are allowed to eat is what they’re given by their jailers. They are helpless.

These immigrants’ BABIES are also in jail. And the babies didn’t do anything wrong. The babies didn’t choose to cross the border. The babies were carried across the border, against their will, without their knowledge. They don’t know what side of the border they’re on right now. They don’t know what a border is. And for that infraction which somebody else committed, the babies are in jail, at the mercy of their jailers.

Governor Abbot, Congresswoman Cammack and Congressman Nehls think that in addition to being in jail, the babies shouldn’t be allowed to EAT.

I shouldn’t have to say this. But since there’s some question as to the matter: you’re not supposed to starve babies in jail. If you take someone, baby or otherwise, prisoner, you’re obligated to feed them. Starving prisoners is a war crime, it’s an atrocity, it’s a mortal sin for which you will justly burn in hell.

This is the political party that calls itself pro-life.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t present myself for Holy Communion because I didn’t vote for this political party and their pro-life policies.

Words can’t express how backward this all is.

America is broken.



Image via Pixabay
Mary Pezzulo is the author of Meditations on the Way of the Cross and Stumbling into Grace: How We Meet God in Tiny Works of Mercy.
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