Blogkeeping Notes for January

Blogkeeping Notes for January January 11, 2024

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Hey folks! I’m writing regularly in more than one place now and I’ve got an influx of followers on so many weird little corners of social media,  I thought I would start doing a post round-up once a month to coordinate instead of just my annoying boilerplate. Later today, we’ll have a real post worth your time as well.

First of all, I was honored to write two articles for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette lately, a standard informational piece on what the poor need from you ,and also a much better piece about Holly the Witch’s homeless neighbors which ran on Christmas day. I’m always honored to give Holly and her mutual aid work a shout out. And I’m glad to say that Holly has a Patreon where she raises money every month so she has supplies to give the homeless. She distributes snacks and warming supplies in her blessing box, and her backyard hens are churning out breakfast which she donates to the local chapter of Food Not Bombs. Give her a follow if you can!

Second, in addition to my perpetual presence on X/Twitter, I have a Bluesky account and a Threads account. I would love to have a lot more followers on Bluesky and Threads because bantering on social media while I’m writing actual work in a tab is what I do, but Twitter has become even more of an open sewer than it was before Elon bought it and I’d love to not need to use it as much. If you are on Twitter, I recently made a thread of my favorite posts of 2023. Last year I commented on the death of the Pope Emeritus and the downfall of the evil Frank Pavone. I had more musings on the Charismatic Renewal. I had my struggles with religious trauma and my return to church. I had the saga of Serendipity the Nissan with her terrible wiring and what it taught me about who to trust. I had far more than I’d like about Donald Trump and the scandal of American Christianity. I sassed Bishop Barron. I grew a garden. I ranted about Trump some more.  I told everyone how to be a Catholic social media apologist. I turned thirty-nine. I preached on the Gospel. I talked about Burke, the Carmelites and the downfall of Church Militant. And I got to go to the Nutcracker Village.

Third, you guessed it, the tip jar.

I get paid a tiny pittance by the click to write content on Patheos, the checks might be as much as three figures, and I never know when they’ll show up. I also get paid a bit of royalties for my books, and I get paid for the articles I write that get published elsewhere on an equally sporadic basis, and I’m working on other projects I’ll tell you about when they get finished. I was chronically ill and stuck at home with severe fatigue for most of my life, and it’s very hard to start your life over again with no resume when you’re almost forty, so writing is currently the only thing I do and I do it every day. I’m still dependent on gratuities in my online tip jar, which I link to at the bottom of every blog post. Some people subscribe to tip me regularly, and some people throw a tip in when they can or when they’re very impressed with me. There’s a spot for a note when you’re giving a tip where you can compliment me or call me names if you wish. Those tips pay my rent. I know that a lot of my readers are as poor as I am, so I never want to pressure anyone to toss a penny in the tip jar when they don’t have enough pennies already. Just keep reading and sharing and talking about me and that really does help. If you’re already tipping now and then, thank you very much and I don’t expect more. But if you like what you read and you have the ability to keep my lights on so I can keep writing, please remember me the same way you would pay into another content creator’s Patreon. The best time to subscripe to tip if you want to is the middle of the month, because rent is due the fifteenth and it’s always frightening.

If you want to tip, just go to my donate page here, click on the bright yellow button, and PayPal will walk you through the rest. I don’t know why the button says “donate” but it’s not a charitable donation, it’s just a gratuity that goes into my bank account and I report it to the IRS on a 1099 and pay taxes on it. It’s called “The Little Portion” because that’s the name of an Etsy craft shop I used to have and I’ve never changed it, but it’s really just me. I’m also working on getting a “buy me a coffee” button, I’ll edit that in here when I do.

And now back to blog posts worth your time!



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