Blogkeeping Notes For February

Blogkeeping Notes For February February 7, 2024


Hi folks,

There’ll be a real post worth your time up before long. This is just my monthly post with all my notes about what I’m doing when I’m not on Patheos.

First of all, I was honored to be at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette again this month, writing about politics.  I would love it if everyone could read and share that and talk about how I’m the best political commentator since sliced bread became a political commentator, because it will help me get invited back!

Secondly, I am still on Twitter, which I still refuse to call X, for at least 14 hours a day because that’s the tab I have open while I’m writing all day long. I also have a Threads and Bluesky account that I’m trying to update more regularly with more than just my blog posts, and I’ve got my old public Facebook page as well. This month, Bluesky doesn’t even require an invite. I would love to not be so dependent on Twitter for visibility, so please follow me on other social media and let me know where else you’d like to see me. Don’t try to follow my personal Facebook page because I don’t take friend requests from people I don’t know personally and I hardly ever post publicly on that one.

Third, Lent is just a week away, so I want to remind you that I have a book of meditations on the Way of the Cross that you can get as an Ebook and take to church with you. I’ve also got my meditations on the sorrows and joys of Mary which include more meditations on the Passion of Christ; “The Sorrows and Joys of Mary” happens to be my personal favorite of the three books I’ve written. I get about a dollar for each of those books that sell. And if you are wanting to perform a Works of Mercy project for Lent, I’ve got a book on those too!

Fourth, for those of you who are always asking how Holly the Witch is doing with her work with the homeless in South Columbus and how you can help: she has a Patreon. All the money goes to mutual aid to help her neighbors.

And finally, you guessed it, the perpetual tip jar. I am working as much as I can on other writing projects, as far as my chronic illnesses and autism let me, but my income from month to month fluctuates extremely widely and depends largely on tips from readers who like my blog and my shenanigans on social media. Think of it as a really disorganized Patreon, or a magazine subscription where you pay what you think the magazine is worth and you can keep reading even when you can’t afford to pay. December was a really good month for us and January crashed right into the doldrums; when I ran the numbers, I found out that I’d made 40% less in January than I did in December, and we’ve spent the first week of February just digging out of the hole so I assume it’s not going to be a fun end of the winter. Some of my readers subscribe to tip me every month at the same time, and the absolute best time for that is the middle of the month because rent is due on the 15th.

If you’d like to tip, just click on my donate button here and Paypal will walk you through the rest. The name of my Paypal is “The Little Portion” because that’s the name of an Etsy craft shop I used to have. The button says you’re giving a  “donation” but you’re not, it’s just a gratuity and I report it to the IRS and pay taxes on it. Let me know if you’d like to to try and attach a button with a different way to tip me.






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