Blogkeeping Notes for Early Spring

Blogkeeping Notes for Early Spring March 10, 2024

daffodils covered in snow
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Hello Friends,

This is just my monthly post of blogkeeping notes and all the things I was doing when I wasn’t at Patheos!

First of all, as I explained a week or so ago, I’m sorry to suddenly go dark on Twitter/X where I’m usually glued to the screen! A nannybot caught me saying a phrase I heard on Sesame Street in the 80s and decided it was a violent threat, so I couldn’t post or like for 168 hours. I am back in business now. Please be sure to follow me on bluesky and Threads in case that ever happens again. And yes, I’m trying to resurrect my Tumblr account, but it’s difficult to remember to use it. Please be patient with me about that.

Secondly, I’ve been honored to share my thoughts at the the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette twice in the past several weeks! First I got to talk about The Lady of LaBelle, and those photos are my own work as well. This morning, I got to talk about the small town of Wellsburg and how homelessness doesn’t look the way you think.

Third, thank you so much to everyone who congratulated me on my first article for Where Peter Is, and I hope to be following up on the crazy story as soon as I can. But whatever actually happened, I’m sure it will make even less sense.

Finally, as always, the tip jar. I’m working as hard and as fast as I can at various writing projects, and I do get a tiny paycheck from Patheos for clicks in the United States, but the online tip jar still makes up the bulk of my income. This month we had the one-two-three punch of the Twitter ban cutting down on blog views and then a week of sickness bringing back my fatigue PLUS finally paying for the last of the current repairs on Serendipity. The gratuities I get from satisfied readers mean I pay rent and pack Adrienne’s lunches. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you pay what you think I’m worth and you get to read even if you can’t afford to pay. I am especially grateful to the people who subscribe to tip at the same time every month through Paypal, and the best time to get a tip is right now in the middle of the month because I have to mail rent on the fifteenth.

If you want to leave me a tip, you can go to my donate page here to tip through paypal. It says “donate” but they’re not charitable donations, they’re just gratuities I pay taxes on. The site says you’re donating to “The Little Portion” which is the name of my Paypal because I had an Etsy craft shop by that name once upon a time, but it’s just me.

Or, if you prefer, I have a venmo you can tip now. I’m still trying to see if that one works, so let me know if it doesn’t seem to.

And now back to posts worth your time!



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