Blogkeeping notes for May

Blogkeeping notes for May May 6, 2024

a misty apple orchard in May, at dawn, with the apple blossoms opening
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Hi gang,

This isn’t a real post, this is just my monthly blogkeeping post to keep all my fans on the same page.

It’s a pretty short one this month because I haven’t been in Where Peter Is or the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the past few weeks, because I was very busy working on my Lives of the Saints Project, but that has been sent to the editor now! So, I will hopefully be back at WPI and the Post-Gazette very shortly and I’ll keep you updated. And yes, I’ll have an update on the Lives of the Saints Project and where you can get it before long. Thank you all for your encouragement!

I would love my readers’ help on a new writing project I’ve decided to start over the summer. As I mentioned this week, now that Adrienne is in school I’ve started homeschooling myself by going to famous historical sites and educational places here in the tri-state area of Eastern Ohio, the chimney of West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, whenever I have a tank of gas. I love to find new places to hike and small towns to wander around taking photos, and I want to write regular blog articles about my day trips from time to time throughout the summer and fall. I’d love to learn all about the history and nature in this area and teach you guys too as I go along. I’m going to take photos as I did for the posts on the Wildflower Reserve and on Hodgen’s Mound, and I am even going to try to learn to make short videos for my social media beyond the little ten second clips of rivers and birds I do already. Right now I can usually only afford to go to free places like state parks and cemeteries and such, but once in awhile I can pay the admission and take a tour or see a museum. I know that a lot of my fans are from this part of the country and like it when I write about local places, so if you guys have anywhere you’d like me to visit and write about within about an hour of Steubenville, leave a comment! I’ll start planning my route.

If you want to follow me on social media for more lively content than an 800-word blog post, remember that I am glued to Twitter, which I still refuse to call X, for most of the day while I’m writing. I also have bluesky and threads.  Of course, Steel Magnificat has a facebook page, but don’t try to friend my personal Facebook unless you already know me because that one is just for clowning around with my friends.

Finally, as always, the tip jar. I don’t pretend to be an “apostolate” or anything fancy like that, I’m just an autistic artist with a chronic illness who makes my living by writing and busking on the blog.  I get a check for clicks from Patheos, I get a bit of book royalties, I get paid by the project for my other writing, but a huge chunk of my income is still from my fans dropping me a gratuity to keep the blog running whenever they can. Some people sign up to tip once a month automatically and some people just make a donation now and then when they’re able, and I’m extremely flattered and grateful to all of you. The absolute scariest part of the month is leading up to the 15th because that’s the day rent has to be postmarked, and I had to ask the landlord for a few extra days too often last year. So, that’s the very best time to feed the tip jar if you can. And I understand that a lot of my readers are in just as precarious a financial spot as I am, so please don’t feel guilty if you can’t help with the tip jar. If you keep reading and talking about my work, that’s a huge help.

If you’d like to support my writing financially, you can tip me on paypal here or on venmo here. The name on Paypal is “The Little Portion” because that’s the name of an Etsy I used to have; the yellow button says “donate” but it’s not a charitable donation, I pay taxes on it.

And now back to writing worth your time!



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