Maximizing Major League Baseball’s Emotional Impact

Maximizing Major League Baseball’s Emotional Impact March 26, 2015

An interesting baseball story broke this past Friday. And since there’s nothing of sporting note going on right now, I thought it’d be a good way to get everyone in the mood for the regular season. (I kid, I kid, college hoops fans. Sort of. Dominic, the First Son, is probably watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament as I type. Even though it doesn’t technically/actually start until this afternoon, I’m sure he’s found a way. His love for Notre Dame is unstoppable.)

But I digress. Here, via ESPN:

Major League Baseball says it has scheduled every game of the regular season’s closing day to start at the same time because it hopes to elevate the excitement of the day, with five playoff spots now up for grabs in each league.

MLB chief operating officer Tony Petitti, speaking to the Los Angeles Times, said the league hopes to “maximize” the day in the event that multiple meaningful games go down to the wire.

Basically, they’re looking for a repeat performance of this, which remains the most astonishing evening of baseball I’ve ever experienced.

Attribution(s): “MST3K Version of Baseball Fans Celebrating” provided by Shutterstock.

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