Ohio LGBT Community to Host Reelection Campaign Party for Donald Trump

Ohio LGBT Community to Host Reelection Campaign Party for Donald Trump June 14, 2018

Say, Ohio LGBT community… would you like another four years of Donald Trump? Because this is how you get Donald Trump.

Every time we think President Trump has gone so far, there’s no coming back, some leftist or liberal special interest group says or does something so obnoxious and idiotic, it reminds otherwise rational people of why they voted for Trump, in the first place.

Here’s a tip that would serve the gay community well, if they were so inclined to take good advice: Don’t try and cram your alternative lifestyle down the throats of everybody else. That’s a good way to annoy people. It definitely doesn’t win anyone to your side. People are naturally repelled by things that are different to the point of appearing threatening. The way to live in harmony isn’t to have a man in suspenders, a green feather boa, and hot pink thong underwear twerking on a city street in broad daylight, much less have a whole group of freakish and inappropriate displays, at once.

If you disagree with someone, just say, “I disagree” and then live your life.

Someone please advance this information to the Ohio LGBT community, STAT.

Apparently, activists feel like following Vice President Mike Pence around and just mindlessly harassing him is the way to go.

On Friday, the vice president will be in Columbus, Ohio to give a talk on the Republican tax law.

Just as they did in January 2017, so-called “drag queens” and other activists with the LGBT community plan to gather outside of the hotel where VP Pence will be speaking, and to hold what they call a “Big Gay Dance Party.”

Totally unnecessary.

Pence, who has long been criticized for his views on the LGBT community, is scheduled to deliver a speech at the Renaissance Hotel on Friday — which also marks the first day of Columbus’s Pride weekend.

“Ohioans will protest Vice President Mike Pence … by dancing outside the hotel and performances including DJs and drag queens,” ProgressOhio, a left-leaning think tank, said in a press release obtained by the paper. The organization is co-sponsoring Friday’s dance party.

“We want to counter that anti-LGBT attitude that they have with a big, positive, loving dance party,” Jay Smith, an organizer for the event, told the Enquirer.

He’s going to be talking about tax policy, not social issues. In fact, when is the last time he spoke on social issues, or anything that should have the LGBT community upset?

The notion that he should be subjected to protests everywhere he goes, just because he exists is what turns people off to the cause of these activists, whatever it may be.

I mean, some people want to hear what he says about the new tax law, and they should be allowed to do so without feeling too uncomfortable or crowded to attend the event.

The beef with Mike Pence began in 2015, while he was still Governor Mike Pence, of Indiana. That year, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

The bill allowed for businesses and individuals to use their religious beliefs as a defense in legal proceedings where they believe their religious freedom has been or could be “substantially burdened.”

It was an answer to the controversy over Christian bakers, florists, or other businesses that were being sued for not participating in same sex weddings.

Of course, it was met with boycotts, threats of boycotts, and endless protests, and even though Pence eventually wilted and made allowances, activists still just want to follow him around and rail about it.

Those on the left like to make snide remarks about how we got a Donald Trump presidency and what it says about Republicans. I have my own problems with a party that would allow a man like Donald Trump to be their face. They’ve lost all credibility or high ground, in my opinion. That being said, Trump was a result of a fed up populace. Liberal politicians and special interest groups pushed and pushed until it caused a backlash, and those voting for Trump voted to “get even.”

So keep doing things that make the left appear unhinged, intolerant, and aggressively unfair, LGBT community. Maybe change your name to the Donald Trump Reelection Committee, because that’s all these constant protests are doing.

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  • IllinoisPatriot

    Unfortunately, you’re right on this one, Susan.

    I hate to say it, but they ARE helping Trump by their in-your-face public exhibitions.

    As a lifelong (now ex-)Republican, I’d definitely be voting Democrat throughout Trump’s reign if it did not also mean supporting the likes of the LGBT mafia/perversion-society exhibitionists and the anti-Constitutional gun-grabbers that congregate in the DNC.

    How soon can we get a party for real conservatives where nominees value character, integrity, and honor above personal greed and special-interest money ?

    Since I can’t vote to support Trump or Mitch, I can no longer vote Republican. I also cannot vote to support the LGBT public perversion-parties or the gun-grabbers or sanctuary cities or abortion, so I cannot vote Democrat.

    I’d like to vote for the leaders of the country I served in the military to protect, but have no voice (or place?) in today’s America since activists from both parties are telling me to leave the country because of my Christian views. …and they say America is a tolerant place to live – ha ha ha.

  • JASmius

    I’m not so sure. This weirdo exhibitionism certainly doesn’t hurt Trump, but how does it necessarily help him? It’ll get Trumplicans to keep the wagons circled around their feckless leader – the primary factor in why his approval humber bumped up from the mid/high-30s to the low-40s over the past six months – but I don’t see it moving Independents much, and Dems, of course, not at all. And to get reelected, Trump is going to need more than just his base. Besides, isn’t the public at large just as numbed to “m[e]n in suspenders, a green feather boa, and hot pink thong underwear twerking on a city street in broad daylight” as they are to Trump’s buffoonery and Twitter fits? Nonsense like Mike Pence’s unasked-for rainbow retinue is just background noise.