South Korean Newspaper Does Not Share Trump’s Enthusiasm for the Trump-Kim Summit Outcome

South Korean Newspaper Does Not Share Trump’s Enthusiasm for the Trump-Kim Summit Outcome June 14, 2018

We’ve been getting all the hot takes from those who either have been duped into believing what went on in Singapore this week between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was the greatest act of diplomacy ever, and those of us who never ate paint chips as kids, who see our president’s monumental blunder of incompetence on the world stage.

The days following the Trump-Kim summit have been no better, with President Trump praising a brutal thug’s toughness, even as he excoriates our nation’s allies and conservative members of his own party.

One has to wonder what sort of future Donald Trump has in mind for us, when he praises a regime that has been credibly compared to Nazi Germany, praises the Communist regime of China, and Xi Jinping’s oppressive power grab, that essentially made him president for life, and the GOP chairwoman tweets out this ominous message immediately after a primary election that saw some key conservatives fall:


McDaniel went on point out that this was part of a larger message from an interview with delusional Trump loyalist and Fox Business News host, Lou Dobbs, but I don’t think anyone should miss that she picked out the key points of her message that she wanted to express.

All of that should be taken as a serious threat to our free republic. She’s right that complacency is our enemy, at least.

Now, with all that in the background, how do you think North Korea’s counterparts, South Korea feel after watching President Trump give the Kim regime everything they wanted?

Let’s just say, they’re probably not going to be recommending Trump for that Nobel Peace Prize.

In a Wednesday editorial, one newspaper in South Korea expressed their outrage over Trump’s weasel-y acquiescence to Kim.

The Chosun Ilbo, one of the major newspapers in South Korea, blasted Trump in an editorial for not doing enough to secure the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The editorial noted a lack of specifics in denuclearizing North Korea mentioned in the agreement signed by the two countries and noted Trump’s mentioning of possible hotel developments in the country, writing that “there is no deadline to be found anywhere, and instead Trump is talking about real estate development on North Korea’s coast.”

C’mon, guys. You didn’t expect a lifelong grifter like Trump to not put his personal interests first, did you?

They also weren’t pleased with Trump’s agreement to end readiness drills, pointing out that these drills have acted as a deterrent to North Korean aggression in the region.

It’s almost as if they think Trump cares about that. He’s already talking about pulling U.S. troops out of South Korea, for Pete’s sake.

“But Trump gave North Korea a major gift even before it has taken any steps toward complete denuclearization. And in the joint agreement, it is Trump rather than the U.S. which is the party guaranteeing North Korea’s regime safety,” the editorial reads. “This is diplomacy for the kindergarten.”

The newspaper called the aftermath of the summit “the worst outcome for South Korea.”

That’s where I draw a line.

Comparing Trump’s negotiating and diplomacy skills to that of a kindergartener is vastly insulting to 5 year olds, everywhere.

“Whatever one may think of him, the young North Korean leader has made an incredible achievement simply by getting Trump to meet him,” the editorial states.

“Everyone expected him to make major concessions to accomplish it, but no — a closer look at the joint agreement shows it was Kim who ended up taking home the prize. It is simply unbelievable that Trump flew all the way to Singapore to end up with the short end of the stick.”

That’s because Trump went into that meeting unprepared, flying high off of a weekend spent destabilizing the nation’s relationship with our allies. This week was all about making South Korea feel less safe, while making a pitch for the Trump organization and getting his name attached to a few gushing, alt-right articles, praising his history-making move.

Trump and loyalty to the so-called “Trump agenda” is progressively weakening this nation on all fronts. The only ones who should feel secure now are dictators and Communist strongmen, because Donald Trump has proven himself to be an obedient pet.




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